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Our Daily Thread for Monday

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Back to work! Today is actually less painful than I thought it would be. I'm actually having a great day! So much great music out that it makes my job fun.

I'll be here until 8:30 or so, so work will make up most of my day. I will go home, relax in front of the TV with my laptop and hang out with my boyfriend. Then after being home for 11 hours I'll be back at work. Mondays and tuesdays are a blur.

I had a nice and relaxing weekend. I missed SNL on saturday but it's the olympics, so I guess that's ok

Everyone have a great monday!

And Dawn you hang in there! This week is going to be easier
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and swap you my day with backhoe, pitchfork and shovel???? Hmmm- didn't think so! Thought I would try anyway. Slept in way late this morning and Racer was nickering at the gate when I got there, "Mom where is my breakfast?" I was able to get the hay barn door open and threw him some hay and an apology for not mucking out his stall in three days, but there are some major limbs in the way of that job. It is raining here and Mike and I will spend the better part of this morning up on the roof patching holes, we discovered a hole in the new addition too- but no tree up there, so something must of hit it and run. The animals are so spooky, I hope they calm down soon- we had a power outtage last night, and Kahuna freaked and leaped on the kitchen counter scattering dishes and glasses everywhere and breaking some in the process. He has never even been on the counters before. So it will be another day of hard work here and it doesn't even look like I have made a dent in the place. But slowly and surely, it will get done.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, if you are in the area, bring your pick and shovel and come on over, there is plenty for all!
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Having a great day here on the east coast too. Nasty weather, but all in all its been a good day. My kids are in the house and behaving well for being stuck indoors due to weather. I got some errands done this morning, which is impressive for a Monday morning! Usually I drag on Mondays. I get to relax some now, until my first drop off comes ( I do home daycare for those who don't know that ), and then we will whip out the toys and have a fun afternoon!!

Hope everyone else's week started off as good as mine.
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Sorry to be the one to rain on the happy Monday society. I am getting whatever the school kids have been coughing at me for the past 2 weeks. Not quite sick enough to justify staying home yet, but enough to feel generally under the weather.

Oh well, the work part of the day is almost over, and on to school tonight. It does help that I came off of a 3 day weekend. Our kids had Friday off so they could go to the state fair. Confession: went myself on Friday and ate my way through the midway. Yum!
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It is bright & freezing day in Toronto! Extreme cold has homeless advocates out in full force trying to get people to shelter or at least get them blankets. I had to wait for a long time for the bus this morning. Brrrrrrr.

I went to mall during my lunch & found the purrfect card for the hubby for Valentine's day. It has a picture of a sleeping orange kitten. Her paw is resting on the stem of a red rose bud. Inside it says Dreaming of you my Valentine. It is too sweet!
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It's a beautiful day here, bright and sunny and in the 50's. I'm going to take the kids out to play after their nap this afternoon. Some friends and I took the kids to Burger King today for lunch (I just had my yummy shake) so that was a nice break. They love the nuggets at Burger King. The onion rings looked so good, but I resisted. Now I get to look forward to eating my meal tonight. Wonder what I should make...

I'm excited because I got a sitter for the day of my husband's competition. He's in a power lifting competition in two weeks, and he wants me to come, but it would be so hard for me with the kids. So I had the idea of having my baby sitter come for the whole day so I could go alone, and she said yes! I'm thrilled! I get a whole day away and get to see Doug compete. And if I get tired of watching the competition, the mall is only a few blocks away. I can't wait!
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Originally posted by hissy

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, if you are in the area, bring your pick and shovel and come on over, there is plenty for all!
If I had a car, I'd be right there, heck its only a couple hours drive and I have the next 2 days off...but no transportation. (and I could use the firewood!) :laughing2

Nothing much planned for the day, have a roast and all the trimmings in the crockpot, should do my taxes, and clean up the balcony since the sun is out (although it's 34 degrees)...maybe I'll just sit here all day?
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