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I think it's dander

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My long haired calico has dander, it looks like patches of white flakes.
I was told they get it from something in their tongue. Is that what causes
it? I give her fur ball medicine everyday, cause she really has a problem
with furballs. My other long hair doesn't have much of a problem with this.
What is so bad is her hair ends up getting matted. I try to keep her combed
but she will growl at me because she has tender skin, so I just do as much
combing as she'll let me. Then I end up cutting her fur short to keep it
under control. They are both also house cat's. They go out on the balcony
daily but don't get to touch the ground. Any suggestions?
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Sounds like dandruff (sp?) to me - lot's of brushing and possibly some Omega in her diet could help!!
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ditto the brushing and omegas ... what is the kitty eating and age please
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Ditto the Omega-3 fish oil for clearing up cat dandruff. Works like a charm. Buy the liquid in gelatin capsules at a health food store. Stick a pin in the end of the capsule and squirt on the cat's food. One a day for a week ought to show noticeable improvement. Then you can just give one a couple times a week or less.

Some cat foods, like Innova for example, have Omega-3 in the ingredients in sufficient quantity to prevent/reduce cat dandruff.
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Sarah is 15yrs old and eat dry cat food, once in awhile she'll eat some can food.
She is very pickey. She just started getting this dander the last 2yrs on and off.
I bath her and that seems to help for a short time. I thought is might of been an
allergery. But after reading this forum I learned different. Just wanted to thank all
of you for yuor help. I will try the omega and brushing more. Thank you all again
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