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Monday, 9/26, 12:20PM ET

While Laura was in Tylertown, MS she learned of a cat rescue group in New Orleans that urgently needs help. The group is called Spaymart and they have an immediate need to export as many cats as possible. Currently they are holding 200-300 cats in two locations, one New Orleans and one in Picayune, MS.

The majority of their cats are “pre-hurricane.†They are altered, vaccinated, and ready to leave. Spaymart also took cats from residents at local nursing homes right after Katrina who knew they wouldn't be able to return for their cats. The population is a mix of feral cats, cats with feline leukemia/aids, and regular healthy cats.

They need help with whatever populations groups are willing to take. If you represent a shelter or rescue group that can help, please call Laura Gargano at 209-628-0940. Please note they will not release to individuals, just to rescue groups.

Spaymart also is in desperate need of volunteers. If you can get to either location, even for a few days, please email us at

I talked to Laura today, and they need food at these shelters. Many of the other major rescue groups are full up with food, but not these ladies.