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Help, bad smelling Poo!!!

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Ok group more questions, my kittens are eating well. I have them on Nutro Choice Kitten food. They have been to the vets twice now, and come back with a clean bill of health. Why would their poo still stink so bad? I know that when you feed a better food to an animal it makes their bowl movments smell a lot better. I have two dogs and they are on wellness brand dog food, and they both have no problems with smelly bowl movments. So why do my kittens have that problem? And will it ever get better? They have been just fixed, about two weeks ago, would that cause the problem? Please let me know what you all think. Thanks

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how long have they been on the Nutro??? are they on the regular natural choice or the indoor??
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I had them on the regular kitten Nutro choice, but my husband found the kitten indoor, it said that it helps with bad smells in the potty area. So they have been on that for the past 3 days. Plus I feed them nutro wet food too. Shouldn't nutro being a better brand help with the bad smells?
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They have been on Nutro kitten choice and wellness brand kitten food. For about 3 weeks now. I have been moving them over from wellness brand to Nutro because wellness was too strong for their tummys. Had a loose bowl movment problem with just strait wellness. But when I put them on Nutro that took care of that problem. They are now completley on Nutro now.
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Even my kitty has smelly poopy and as of late she is having diarrhea. Her diet is healthy but i was told that due to the sudden dislocation she is having problems in pooping. Is that true, as i mentioned in my other posts, i got this kitten just 4-5days back. Maybe the adjustment is causing her the bad poop?
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Hummm.. I know when both girls were on Nutro the smell was down... I didnt like the indoor as much but it may help with odor... I do think wellness has more stuff than nutro and there little systems may still be adjusting..
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Wet food = stinky poop. Also, did the vet do fecal tests to look for coccidia?
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Originally Posted by NavDoc
Wet food = stinky poop. Also, did the vet do fecal tests to look for coccidia?
I think a fecal might be needed but wet food has little to do with sticky pooo
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Yes I did have them do a fecal sample for coccidia and giardia. They came up with no problem in that area. As for the wet food, that has just been started about 4 days ago. So that isn't it either. Because they came to me with bad smelling poo, and still have it. No I do have to say some times it is worse then other times. But for the past week or so it has been pretty bad. I am using a kitty litter called Ever Clean, it is a pretty good litter, and it still isn't able to keep the smell down.
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it's the diet. The closer to natural the less stink because more is digested the more natural you go.
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switch to raw food and there will be Zero smell.
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