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Cats and Dogs anyone?!?!?

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Hi all!! I guess this ought to be in the Behaviour forum, but I think more people will be able to help me out here as there is a bit more traffic!!
Anyhoooo... as some of you know... we are moving soon (when our offere ever gets accepted!!! hahah) BUT we have both wanted a dog for a long time now..... we have been doing some research and have decided on an "Old English Sheep Dog" .... but the question is.... do we buy the dog th same time we move so its just another thing for the cats to get used to - like part of the house... OR... do we let the cats settle in first and THEN get the dog? I was thinking let them settle first, but then I don't want to go upsetting them when they've just settled in ya know?!?! Any suggestions as to how to handle this? Im ok with the eventual introductions... (god help us hahaha) but its just the timing Im wondering about... Anyone?

(PS.... how do you like the name Rolo?!!! - as in the sweets?!?!?!)
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I love Rolos! Anyway - I would bring them both in at the same time (or try), so everyone is on even ground. (not like EXACTLY) the same time - I would like put the cats there and then go get the dog, or maybe wait just a day or so, so no one is like "MY HOUSE GET OUT".

BTW - English sheep dogs can't change lite bulbs:tounge2: (read funny ha ha Thread).....:tounge2: :tounge2:
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Hahahaha Thanks!! I just read your thread!! Too funny!! Gee's... I better watch for those lightbulbs eh?....*munch crunch slobber crunch* hahahah

Ps - Good point you made there about it not being like "My house - get out"!!! .....
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I have never owned a cat and a dog at the same time, but I agree with Janet. If you wait to let the cats settle in first, they will start to establish your new home as their territory, and they might see a new dog that is brought in later as an intruder. English Sheepdogs are soooo neat!!! When you get your dog please post some pictures!!
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I'm not sure if this is good advice or not, but if it was me, I would get the dog at the same time, so that the cats only have to get used to the changes all at once, instead of letting them get settled, then bringing along a new disruption in their lives. This way they won't be wondering what's next all the time. But I'm no expert.
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I'd get the puppy when you move too. Although I've never had any problem with my dog and cats getting along. Daisy, my dog, ignores them unless they tease her. Then she wants to chase them but she knows it's not allowed. I think it'll be easier for you too since you'll be getting a puppy. Puppies love everyone, and they're not as intimidating to the cats. Good luck, and post pics when you get the new addition!
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I'd have to agree with Janet too... Please don't get a dog like I have though! :LOL: She's a nut! The cats are getting used to her and it's hilarious cause they swat her, but not with their claws!! It's so cute...One day she may just get to cuddle with one of them. So far Cary has let her lick him in the face and then he spit at her...hahaha! Then he let her do it again! That cat ain't right! hahahaa!

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yup, I'm with everyone else on this one. Although, I'm no expert, getting the puppy when you move in will put everyone on the same level; otherwise, the cats will go in, stake out their territory, and the poor pup will have to struggle to break into the ruling class of the house :LOL:
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I would let the cat get used to the house first. Cat's take alot longer than a dog to get used to anything new. She is probably going to be overwhelmed with just the move. I know whenever we introduced anything out of the ordinary, our cat Zip,hides anywhere from days to weeks. She gets all weird when I have to bring one of our other cats to the vet she hides when I bring out the carrier thing that I bring them in! I know it's my opinion but I would get settled in the house first.
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