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Staticky cats!

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This isn't really too much of a health concern, but I wasn't sure where to put it. I live in a really dry place in the winter (Edmonton, Alberta), and I've noticed since fall has come that the cats are really staticky! You can hear them crackle when they run and touch a blanket or something like that, and you can get a shock from petting them. They both have medium-long fur. Does anyone know if anything can be done about this?
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Do you have a humidifier???
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My poor dog gets the same problem... she gets to the point in the winter where she'll shy away from us patting her because she knows the shock is coming! What my dad does is this: we have one of those hand-held (I believe gallon sized or so) bug solution sprayers... the kind u manually pump, then spray with a nozzle... well, after a VERY thorough cleaning to make sure no other residue is left behind, he mixes a solution of liquid fabric softener and water (not sure the exact proportions, but I dont think it could possibly be too strong... I'll try to remember to ask him)... he then sprays all the carpeted rooms with this solution and it cuts down greatly on the shocks given out! I think he pretty much re-does the process when we notice excessive amounts of shocks again - I think a few times a winter, depending on how dry a winter it is.... you could also wipe the cats with a dryer sheet (As long as theyre not allergic!) to alliviate some of the crackling... hehe, it sure is funny to watch them when they get shocked though, even though it hurts for a second!

PS: We got this idea from our vet, who is also a trusted friend.... I imagine if there's an allergy problem that they make fabroc softener to deal with that.
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Originally Posted by sharky
Do you have a humidifier???
That is what I use and it really seems to help!
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Keep a moist cloth nearby and wet your hands before you pet your cat. You won't shock your cat that way and your cat won't shock you.
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