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Please pray for Peaches-N-Cream!

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My feral cat Peaches-N-Cream has been missing since she was last seen 6/4/05, apparently injured by a raccoon fight.

Last night, I had a brief glimpse of a thin cat in my garage. My only outside cats are black, gray and white, or brown tabby. The cat I saw last night was mostly white, possibly partly peach colored. I do have neighbors across the street with lots of mostly white cats, but they are mainly friendly barn cats. This cat was totally wild, and snuck away almost like a deer you see on the roadside, before I got a good look.

Peaches used to sit 10 feet from us, when we put out the cat food. But she could be wild now, from staying away from us totally while she healed.

Please pray that it is her, and that one of us will get a good look so I can know for sure. It would be like a miracle to me if she is ok, because I thought she had been dead for months! And the lady who fostered her when she had her kittens would be very happy to know that Peaches survived, because she thinks she would have been better off euthanized, than to have been set free and to meet a painful death.

Mostly, I just want her to be okay for Peaches sake, so this kitty can live out her life, with her "mate" Tommy, and her friend Josie. (All speutered!) Thanks!
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i hope she's ok .
i dont pray, but she'll be in my thoughts .
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I'm very sorry Becky. I will certainly say a special prayer for Peaches-N-Cream. I hope she comes back to you very soon.
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I am with you. Be careful.
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My best wishes go out to your Peaches
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Praying for Peaches !
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(fingers and toes)

Hopefully it is her and she is alive and will show you soon!
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Peaches please come home... sending a prayer
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