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Spots on nose.

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Just a question my mum wanted to know.

We got Nacho and Orion when they were about 4 months old.. given to us by my brother. anyway.. they always had normal colored noses.. but now.. when they were about a year and a half, Orion developed black dots.. like freckles, on his nose.. I guess she was just wondering why.

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Dont really have a solution for you, but Oliver has a pink/peach colored nose, except for one teeny tiny black speck! It always looks like a piece of dirt that I want to get off! He's had it since I got him (But he was almost 3 when he became mine) so I don't know if he was born with it... I know a lot of animals don't get their adult coloring right away (ie: most dalmations are born completely white and get their spots later in life and african-american babies are often born without their full pigmentation as well), so that might have something to do with it.... anyone with a more solid answer? That's all I can remember/think of from my old pre-med courses...
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I agree - don't think there is anything to worry about. Just keep an eye on them and if you suspect something funny off to the Vet.
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The same thing is happening with our orange tabby, Graham. Our vet made sure to tell us (because I'm extra neurotic since having lost Marshmallow to cancer) that this is a normal thing that happens to orange cats. I'm not sure why it happens, but it's very, very common.
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The same thing happened to Sunni, our orange girl, and Toby, my mom's orange buddy. Vets say it's normal, in both cases.
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My mom's flame point himalayan cat has them on her nose and lips too.

The big male orange cat at my shelter has a bunch of them too all over his nose. (which btw, he is 10 and has been in the shelter for a loooong time and really really needs a loving home, just wants to curl up on your lap and lounge all day long, so if you know anyone around Ohio who wants a great old man...)

Sorry, had to do that...
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