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pictures of the furkids

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here are some pics of my boys:

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Aww, they're all adorable!
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They are so cute, I love the markings on the kitty in the first pic!
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Awww such adorable fur babies
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Welcome to TCS!!!
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They are all very cute. Is the one dog wearing a barking collar?? Does it work?
You have such a variety of dogs....do they all get along well? With your cats? How old are they all???
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Hi and Welcome! They are all adorable furbabies!!!
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The cats ages are estimated as they are both rescues. Pat (the Russian blue tuxedo) is about 3 years old and Bob (brown tabby) is about 4 years old. Pat was picked up on the freeway by an ambulance and taken to the ASPCA. He had been dumped and adandoned when his family moved away, he was wearing a ID tag that said "Petunia" (which indicates they didn't care at all since they didn't care enough to know Petunia was a BOY!)....their loss is my gain. Pat is the most loving, affectionate cat I have ever known. Bob, was actually a ferel (sp) cat found at my in laws house in VA. They caught him and took him in to be neutered, then returned him to the woods. My father in law kept food out for him and before too long Bob was in the house and a part of the family. We inherited him when my father in law passed away in December...you would never know he had been wild......he loves my 4 yr old and rubs and rolls all over her (starved for attention after all those years haha).

LIZK-it is a bark collar ... Remmy is a Jack Russell Terrier and can at times be very excitable. He barks all the time, and after we got a "warning" about it we had to take action. It actually worked like a miracle!! He got shocked about 4 times before connecting his actions to the reactions and my neighbors couldn't be happier. He really hardly wears it anymore and I only have to hold it up to make him quiet down. I know that some people consider it cruel, for us it was a necessary evil in order to keep our dog from being taken away. They all get along great and the poodle runs the roost!! It is definitely a full house
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Hi, what a handsome group you have, Stacey.
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Such precious little ones!Let's move over to Fur Pics so everyone can adore your babies!
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They are all very adorable!
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What a lovely bunch! I love the largest black dog, such cute ears!
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