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my internship...

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Ok, so I took someone's advice on here and decided to do my internship with The Children's Museum of Houston! I had an interview back on Sept. 14 and I was suppose to start volunteering this weekend, but with Hurricane Rita that has been postponed. I have to fix my resume' to turn into my professor for my class that is based on my internship. I won't sign up for this class to until the Spring, but I want to get this started since I have to put in 120 hours at the museum and I don't want to put in a ton of hours into a place I know my professor won't except. So...I was wondering, does anyone know here how to write a professional resume': like what to put on it, etc.? Is there maybe a website or some pointers anyone here can help me with?

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Microsoft Word has a couple of different resume templates that are helpful in organizing one's resume. I've always used them for doing my non-theatre resumes (resumes for theatre are very specialized) I'm the resume queen, though--I have one for acting, one for other theatre work, and one for retail!
I would say to fiddle w/ the Word template and see if your prof. has any resume hints specific to your field.
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That was my thought, there are templates out there that will assist you in preparing your resume. I feel for you, it always seems like such a monumental task to me!

Congratulations on your internship! This is going to be such a great experience for you!
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Congratulations on your internship Candie. I help my students prepare resumes for careers in the legal profession, if I can be of any help just let me know.

I always tell them that looking at the templates in MSWord are a really good starting place. There is also stacks of stuff on the internet about writing resumes.

Don't be afraid to say what you can do - so many people are worried about blowing their own trumpet, don't be!

When you're writing about previous employment, pull out the skills that you learned in that job that will be particularly useful for your internship and tell the new employer all about them.

Feel free to PM me!!! You'll do great.
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Wow, thanks for all the wonderful responses. This will be exiting putting it together! Have a great day! <~I love this new one!
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I have always had great luck with the Microsoft Word resume templates, they have a lot of different styles too, and they are so easy to work with!
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Hey, try hotjobs.com, careerbuilder.com, or monster.com. All of those sites have career help & resume building pages. Pretty much any of them will help you to figure out how to word things and what should be included!
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