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pictures of my kitties!

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just wanted to show you guys pictures of my new
Kitten Mica. My other kitten Dani died eight days
after we adopted her this is the whole depressing
story if anyone is interested:

Anway, I did not have the time post any pictures while
Dani was alive and I only now feel strong enough to
post the pics.

This is a picture of Rocket and Mica--they love each
other so much now!

This one is of Dani RIP
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Dani was Beautiful! RIP sweet baby

Rocket and Mica are gorgeous! They look so cute cuddled up with each other!
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Awwwwww so cute. Im so sorry for your loss, but Im glad that this little one helps ease some of the pain. Your cats are beautiful.
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I just read that thread... and really feel for you.

Just so you know, some "bred" cats have defects, and you can't see them,
and sadly they don't do well, or pass.

A friend of mine got a Siamese, who had a white blood cell count defect,
and was very sick for a long time.
The vet gave him human Neupogen which was very expensive.

You did what you could.. and loved that kitty... that is all any of us can do.

Your pictures are lovely!

Take care,
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Thank you so much for sharing your pictures...I know it is very hard to loose a fur baby.
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Thanks for everyones responses. Miss Mew your cat is stunning!
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Rocket and Mica are so adorable! Dani, you are such an angel!
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Wow Sierra and Serenity are beautiful! How old are they?
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Im so sorry for your loss of Dani. She looks to be so precious.
Thank you for posting the pictures!
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I'll move this to Fur pages so the others can see

What gorgeous little sweet peas they are as well
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Thank you Rosie your girls are beautiful too! Thanks to everyone else too you are all very kind.
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Aww, Mica is adorable. And that is wonderful her and Rocket are getting along
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Am I seeing right? You got your Balinese you wanted?
What color points?
Your kitties are gorgeous!

I was very sorry about Dani
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Mica is a lilac point and Dani was a chocolate point. We tried to find another chocolate point Balinese when we were looking but not many are born in the UK so they are quite hard to find. Color point doesn't matter we love Mica so much and we see a little bit of Dani in her! I really think Dani would have been like her had she been born in a healthier body.
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