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I woke up this morning to a nice little pile of kitty puke. Gross!! I don't know which kitty did it, but if I had to guess it was Cymone. So my question is, should I be concerned? She is healthy as far as I can tell, there has been no dietary changes or litter box changes. No stress that I am aware of.
It had no mucus or blood. Just looked like half digested food. All I can think is something upset her tummy. Do you think I should call the vet, or just wait to see if it happens again? I am a bit worried, but since she isn't acting ill I am hesitant to bring in her in. What do you all think?
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Jake throws sometimes, I think they just do if they eat too much or maybe got scared or something....

I would just keep an eye out.

Jinx threw up twice this weekend - I beleive from stress - We are still in the throws of "intros". AAARRRRGGGG. Can't we all just get along for the LOVE OF GOD
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One of mine used to do this all the time and then I switched to Purina One because it has really small pieces. I thought the size of the morsels would have something to do with it and I was right. (Iams is really small too but their formula didn't sit well with her). Now she only does it if she plays right after she eats. Just keep an eye on her so you can figure out what may be the cause.
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Thanks guys for reassuring me! I knew it was probably nothing, or something maybe stress related. They eat Purina, and always have. I've never had a problem before, but maybe I will try Purina One and see how it goes. Sunshine has a very strong stomach, nothing ever bothers her. But Cymone seems a bit more affected. I notice sometimes she will gag ( like from a hairball ) and thats why I think it was her. All I can say is I hope it doesn't happen again. It was pretty gross to clean up at 5am!!
Thanks again for the responses!
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you didn't step in it.... at five in the morning... can you say GAG ALL THE WAY TO THE BATHROOM! Oh, what joys, being owned by katz.....:tounge2:
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Ummmmmmmmmmmm, I did step in it. Unfortunately thats how I discovered it. And yes, it was a gag fest all morning long.
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Oh if I could count the times I have stepped on cat yack in the dark!
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YUCK!!!! I don't like being grossed out either. When this happens at my house, I get about 4 or 5 paper towels wet, place them on top, and then scoop everything up. I also give Snowball some Laxatone (for hairballs) which seems to resolve the problem.
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SETS THE GAG REFLEX OFF for me ick - especially when its still warm....... eeeeewwwwww okay, gonna gag thinking about it.....
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I was really looking forward to my rhubarb crumble yoghurt - Think I'll give it a miss now
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Does this happen to everyone else? You're eating, and there is a cat under the table. Suddenly the cat starts to cough and gag...
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Yep and it's so lovely when you have company!
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