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Adopting New Kitten--Need HELP!!

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*Not sure if this is where I should post this or not-but if this is the wrong spot-please move it to the correct place!!*

Me and my boyfriend are seriously considering adopting another kitten. With as much as we are out and about, I always feel so bad for poor Harley being home alone. Here is the problem--he is a wild kitten. When we brought over his sister (a friend at our apartment had adopted her) he was very very aggressive with her and would always try to fight with her and he would chase her around our apartment. But about an hour later they were sleeping together in a dresser drawer all friendly as could be.
Now, my worry is, do we get a younger kitten? Or one about the same age as Harley? He is 2 months (on Thursday!) I don't want him to be really aggressive with it or scare the little one. He is just so wild he thinks he can terrorize everyone and everything!

Any advice would be much appreicated. I do believe I will be going to the Humaine Society to see what they have there for kittens, I know I'll be a sucker and want to bring all the poor little guys home!!

Thanks for all your help!!
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I think you would be fine with any kitten! Just like you said, they chased each other and then later when sleeping together!!! They will each other!!!
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same age - they should really not be removed from their mom before 8 weeks anyway!
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So about 2 months...I didn't want to get one any younger, Harley is such a terror I'm worried about the new one being scared or something....I just really want him to have a playmate....does gender matter?
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Bella seemed really wild when I took her over to my parents' house to play with my kid brother's adult cat, but she was just being playful. She and Rowan get along wonderfully with their kitten play.

As the others have said, just get another kitten for a playmate. It does wonders to keep person-kitten play less rough. Do be careful introducing the two, though. Even though they're not adults, they can still be posessive of their home.
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I think it's a great idea too. We tried to match Pushy's purrsonality when we went looking for his brother. At first we thought we'd have to get a female because two males would fight, but this is nonsense, esp as they're both neutered. Wiggies was the fiestiest little pest in the room, so we knew he'd be able to stick up for himself if Pushy got too rough. Now he's the one who picks on Pushy, even though he's smaller!
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Well Harley isn't fixed yet...only a few more months to go! I was kinda hoping to get a kitten that was already fixed--but then that would mean it would be about 3 months older than Harley...that wouldn't be that much of a difference would it?
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You shouldn't get a kitten younger than 8 weeks old under normal circumstances. Younger than that is too young to be away from Mom.

A kitten 8-20 weeks old would be just fine.

Many shelters and rescues do spay and neuter all kittens before placing them in new homes so it is worth calling around.
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I'm going to be calling around today....we called the Humaine Society yesterday but they were closed I can't wait to go over there, lets just hope that I don't end up with all of them, haha!
I always feel so bad for those little guys there....I always want to bring them all home
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