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Opie's takeover

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Hello, to everyone. Opie appears to have completed his friendly takeover of our home. He, now, sleeps next to me, on a king-sized pillow. That pillow is SUPPOSED to be for my comfort but HE is of the opinion that it is for his! We had some nice weather, over the weekend and left the back door open, during the day. Opie had a great time, stalking birds, through the security screen. He doesn't seem to want to go out, though. Whenever we open the door to go in or out, he heads for the living room. He sits on the back of the LaZBoy and guards the front of the house. We have a picture window, there. Still, trying to figure out how to post a picture. The instructions on my computer are confusing. May have to borrow my brother's kid, to help me. Hugs to all kitties.
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Sounds like Opie knows how to take advantage of the good life - of course the pillow was for him. Aren't they all?
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I think that ALL pillows were made for kitties. My kitties seem to take over them every night, leaving me with just the bottom half of one.
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He sounds like he's made himself right at home, and hey, you can always buy new pillows!!
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Opie sounds so sweet...can't wait to see a picture!
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All Opie's Rule!!!!! hahaha!! He says "I rule, I own!" quote "The Opmaster" aka Oatmeal, OpieOp, YOYO and HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! (he has the biggest hiss ever! haha!!!!!! Sounds more like a dragon!

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