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looks like we are gonna have to re-home barnaby

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hes beating up one of our other cats,we seperate them at night,but during the day its impossibe.and out place is too small to section it off to keep them apart. hes a right bully eats all the food then fill s up the litter tray and DONT bury it (yuck), so we are talking about re-homing him,what he needs is to be an only cat and some one who will pamper him as he thinks he should be,ie carried everywhere,be allowed to scratch up the rugs, actully he can be a real pain, am i being too harse?? our poor reggie is a mass of scabs on the back of his neck and head all thanx to barnaby. and reggies a very stressed out cat anyway,he dont need any more.
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I'm sorry to hear that. How long have you had him? When I first adopted Morrell, I came very close to bringing him back. He was beating on Molly - very, very jealous of her. I purchased a Feliway plug in, which seemed to help a bit, and I also rubbed my hands all over both cats to get their sents on each other (tried the perfume trick too). After a few months, things improved. They still do not like one another, but respect each other for the most part. Since we adopted Noah & Bella (kittens), Morrell plays/sleeps with them and has become the sweetest boy (still picks on Molly from time to time). Good luck with your decision.
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Awwww i was going to ask if you had tried the feliway diffusers as well?!.

Have you only got one litter tray?

Sophie would eat Rosies wet food if i let her so i have to keep a close eye on her when they eat, and she knows i watch her!
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charlies had barnby for about 10 years so its not a old cat new cat thing,we have had the brothers for over 3 yrs now,and its only been the past few months hes been beating up on the other cat,its a alfa cat thing,but hes was a rescue cat and a favorite always was carried and spolit by the family so thinks we should do the same!! and we have 2 huge litter trays cleaned out regular,we have gone from a house to a apartment where he cant go out,and hates using the tray,but luckily no nasty messes.hes just not very sociable with us,(dont like sharing the affection)
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