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Strange Cat Behaviors - Help!!

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3 cats, each with strange behaviors.

My boyfriend and I have one, two-year old 1/2 in, 1/2 outdoor male cat. Recently we noticed that he can't seem to get outside without first making a round around the legs of the coffee table - which are near the cat door. What is this strange habit? Is there such a thing as feline neuroses?

Also, when he's upset over something - say, not getting the play time he wants - he will crawl under tables/dressers and whine until he gets attention - often pawing at items/drapes that hang near the spot.

My boyfriends' parents have two larger, older male cats. One licks the bottom of chairs - is it the varnish? The other paws at the water dish - seemingly watching the water drip down the sides of the bowl.

What is up with these strange behaviors? Anything to worry about or are they just being silly?
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I think these are just some of the quirky things cats do.....thats what makes them soooo adorable. Also, if he's whining it might be his way of saying he needs some more time with you, so indulge him!
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Cats have as many quirks as humans do. My Sugarly howls at the wall every night at bedtime. Pepperpot likes having chiropractic adjustments done to her tail. Excalibur sticks hishead under running facuts and won't drink out of his water bowl (he has to dip his paw in the bowl & lick the water off his paw). Merlin has too many quirks to mention. Striker stands by the toy he wants to play with & howls until you play with him!
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Loki has me take the cover off the covered litter box - then he takes a running jump up on the counter and jumps from the counter into the litter box. It started when I was cleaning out the box and he had to go and continued ever since. Ok - this only happens when I am home - but if I don't do it he'll hold it in till he bursts - go figure.....
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One of my cats loves my hair for some reason.

He'll bury his head in it and lick it. When I'm in bed, he'll lie next to me with his head in my hair and go to sleep If I try to push him away, he headbutts me. He's done that since he was a kitten, so I guess it's a 'mummy' thing

It wouldn't be so bad, but he tends to try and knead my head too (would be great if I needed acupuncture)
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