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dumping food dishes over!!

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Sophie keeps upending her food and water dishes and driving me crazy! I tried getting a nonslip mat to put under them so she couldn't move them but that's just made things worse. Just a few minutes I went out and found food and water everywhere, dishes turned over, and the rubber mat on top of the whole mess! How do I break of her of this bad habit? I hate to say the word "no" when it comes to her poo-box and food areas because I don't want her to be afraid to go there.

aarrghh; anybody else have this problem? any suggestions?!
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It's really a matter of teacher her not to do it. You just need to make it so that she cant do it. No matter which way you try and keep her from doing it, it will be associated with the food area. The best bet is to get those food and water dishes that sit in holders. They make them in different setups, but the most common are the steel ones.
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I have few suggestions that may help. Try using a flat, ceremic dish as her food bowl (those don't turn over very easily) and one of those great water fountains for her drinking water. Perhaps she is fasisnated by the water and that's why it gets turned over. I don't think she could turn over a water fountain.

Good luck!

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Snowball has one of those fountains, they are tip proof and a good way to supply fresh filtered water. When my cat Midnight was alive, she was always tipping the water bowl over, I always thought she was doing this because the water had gotten stale.
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Great idea on the water fountain! It's the water dish she dumps over more often; any idea where I can find one of those? Do they have them at Pet Supply Stores?
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The cheapest I have found them so far is at www.jefferspet.com
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Dr. Fosters and Smith sell a spill proof bowl you can use for water and food. Might want to check it out.
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