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chronic coughing

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My kitten was diagnosed with a minor URI, but didn't really explain to much to me besides it should be cleared up within 2 weeks and was put on clavamox. But he has been having chronic coughs that can last 5 minutes sometimes, he doesnt look like hes freaking out when hes coughing like its an asthma attack. more seems like hes pissed off cause its hurting his throat. Also within the past 5 minutes, he was having a sneezing fit, would this be a good sign that hes just clearing stuff up or should i be worried about the sneeze and cough fest?

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Since it is a kitten and very fragile I would call your Vet and explain what has been going on!!!
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vet finally returned my call, said the coughing they cant do anything for and its gonna happen since its a uri, and to basically just make sure he eats and drinks and if it turns into something abnormal to bring in right away.
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I don't want to second guess your vet here but coughing can indicate that his simple URI has turned into a more serious pneumonia. I think a recheck exam (so your vet can listen to your cats lungs) and chest xrays are in order. Are there lungworms in your area??? Lung worms can also be a serious problem. They can be detected with a fecal test and require different drugs to treat. If your vet doesn't take these worries seriously I would consider finding a new vet.
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my cats are both coughing (five minute coughing fits) and sneezing due to their uris. Antihistamines should help, unfortunately my cats refuse to take them and vomit them back up. The kitten has had symptoms for a little over 2 weeks, but is doing better. He was the first cat I've ever had with a uri so for the first week and a half, I was freaking out, calling the vet 10 times/day, but there's not really much you can do for them. I've found the steamy bathroom relieves congestion somewhat and constantly wiping their faces keeps them more comfortable.
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my cats coughing seems to be calming down a bit, been on clavamox for about 4 days now. less of a strong painful cough into a more flemy cough that doesnt seem to bother him so much.
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