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Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know Ms.ChiChi did good at the vets office on saturday Of course she acted a fool,(they had 3 technicians working on her and they still had to calm her down with gas) but all 4 feet are trimmed and looking great and while she was out of it for a minute they checked her over teeth,ears,etc.. and gave her a good bill of health!!!

I also must tell you all about the gorgeous kitty that I almost adopted from them while I was there.While I was waiting for ChiChi to get done, an adorable little marble stripe kitten hopped from behind the counter he was absolutly adorable,friendly,handsome everything I was looking for in a companion for ChiChi, so I asked about him and they said he was looking for a home so if course I said me,me,me ,they were getting him ready for me to take him home when one of the tech. told the doctor he had found a home, the doctor said I know, the nurse looked at him like how do you know already??? He said he had already promised him to another client earlier so he already had a home I was heartbroken he was sooooo adorable but he already had a home so thats great. If anyone in the St.Louis area has a male kitten,nice attitude for adoption I am looking for ChiChi a companion but he has to be a good,nice kittie to offset her bad lol