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Adult Cat biting

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My 4 yr old semi-feral rescue Bob has started biting me, usually in the morning as I'm getting my shoes on for work or at night with my feet under the blankets. It's not a vicious bite, but it's a bad habit I want to break him of - soon! I have no idea where this is coming from. The only possibility I can think of is that he wants to play with Da Bird and this is how he's trying to get my attention.
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I know Napoleon tends to bite me when he wants to play (with Da Bird ironically!) or when he wants to eat and tries to get me out of bed. I agree, I want to break him out of the habit, yet all my "tricks" (feliway, toys, distracting, etc) don't seem to work! So I want to hear some advice as well. Sorry Bob'sMom, for not having any answers but wanted to let you know that you are not alone
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First of all....bless you for rescuing a semi-feral cat!

Please click here to read about how to stop cat aggression.

Good luck!
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Sounds like playful biting more than aggression. I used to feed a feral who resided near my house. She never allowed me to touch her, but she got so familiar with me that when she heard my footsteps, she'd run out from behind the building she hides in.

Once I was walking to throw away some rubbish and she was following alongside. She suddenly gave me a nip on my ankle. It was very light and gentle, but I could feel the impressions of her teeth. Perhaps it was a lovebite

There is another feral I befriended, big stout boy. He's get excited, catch my hand with his paws and put it in his mouth, but he would never actually bite. As he got fatter, he also got corresponsingly stronger, so I was always careful not to let him "catch" me like that again...
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