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Well the wind just blew me in

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Cripes I am still shaking so badly I can't even type! I have never in my life seen such devastation. Our three acres is completely covered with debris, downed limbs and trees. Our neighbor who is normally very selfish just couldn't keep his trees to himself and one of his granddaddies of all trees about 80 feet plus tall, fell over, smashing his three story shop, but didn't stop there and continued falling across our knife shop, down into my tack room taking all of the second story with it, smashed into the rabbit hutch- thank God they survived a tree limb inside their cage overnight, hit our tractor, our rototiller, our lawnmower AND our trailer and smasched em beyhond belief. I have been picking up debris since Thursday and I am so tired so for the spelling errors just ignore them.

We lost one kitty, on feral kitty who normally sleeps in the hay barn and is quite elusive, Maya has crossed over the bridge, she was apparently asleep in the tack room when the tree hit and she had no chance to get out safely. But we were extremely lucky, the house was spared the horse is safe, all the domestics and the ferals and the rabbits with the exception of Maya are alive-s pooked as hell, but alive. I was driving home from school because the power had goone out and we were told to either go home or hide out in town and I just wanted to be home and as I was on the highway I could see ahead of me in the distance this big black round thing coming at my truck!! I thought :censor::censor::censor::censor:, it was a UFO! I had no idea what it was, and I ducked, and as it sailed past me I saw it was a :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: trampoline! I thought of that movie Twister and thought of that line "We have cow!" There was a farmer in the middle of the road going further waving his arms at traffic becuase his sheep were rolling across the road! it was insane and only prayer got me home safely and as I rolled into the carport that is when I saw the huge tree that had smashe dour shop! It was 30 feet long and 24 feet in diameter and we just got it off the roof yesterday. My tack room is toast I lost all my tack, my saddle is squashed, though horses roll on saddles all the time so maybe it will survive, but we had down power lines, the lines to the back shop had snapped and were swinging in the wind, we also had no power thank god, because Racer had smashed the fence and gone out in the back yard, and I ahd to put him back with out freaking him out more, no rope, no bridle nothing, wind whipping limbs flying God I was so scared, I just filled my pockets with apples and oranges and prayed and he followed me back and we stood in his stall while Mike fixed the fence. I got no sleep that night the wind was going for hours, they called in a microburst and we finally got power this morning and computer about 20 minutes ago.

Thank you for your prayers your good thoughts and all the rest because we are so lucky to be here right now, and I am so humbled by what I witnessed and lived through. There are huge power lines snapped in half like toothpicks, there is a broken hanglider hanging in our neighbors tree top of the branches, we are just so grateful to be alive, it was nothing like I have ever seen before, and I hope to god I never see it again. My friend's horse died when a tree limb hit it in the head and i look at Racer and I thank God because he was out there in the middle of this demon whirlwind and he is still here today.
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Wow. What a story! And only one casualty!

I'm so sorry your home is in such a state. I wish there was something I could do. I'm glad it wasn't worse.

You really had the angels working overtime that night!
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Mary Anne - I am so thankful you and your husband and furry friends are safe. What an ordeal. I can't even imagine the devestation there. I'm sorry you lost so much, but I am so happy you are ok. God was definately with you that night. Please let us know if there is anything at all that we can do for you, even though from this distance all we may be able to do is pray.
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Sounds like you had a guardian angel with you. I am glad that you are all safe, although I am sorry for the loss of Maya. That must be devastating in and of itself.
Was it a tornado? Or a windstorm? I was unclear about what exactly hit you. I am happy though that you are safe.
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85-90 mph winds that uprooted solid secure power lines and snapped them in half like toothpicks! Over 9,000 people were without power we just got ours back this morning at 2:00 a.m. Barns blew away, trees fell over, semi's traveled on 2 wheels, smaller cars were scooted off into the ditches, trains tipped over! And no :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: warning! All we were told was it was supposed to rain for 3 days. No one, saw it coming.
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God definitely wants you and your husband to be here with us a while longer! The damage you described sounds like the kind of damage a tornado causes. It's so strange, weather forcasters have all this fancy equipment and dopler radar, and they still can't predict weather accurately!
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I'm sorry to hear about Maya
On another note, I'm glad you are ok and the rest of the animals. Was the storm unexpected? Sounds like you had a an watching over you, too!
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Oh, poor little Maya. I am so glad though that the rest of you guys are all ok. What a scary experience! I live somewhat near you and know that this sort of weather is definately not expected. What a shock. Good luck rebuilding and may God give you strength.
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My heart goes out to all involved. A candle will be lit tonight for Maya, at least she didn't suffer. Prayers will continue and I hope you or anyone else never have to go through this. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

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How perfectly awful - I just wanted to take a moment to say my prayers are with you and I am so sorry. But God protected you and your husband and the vast majority of your furry creatures. You obviously are still meant to be here. You care for so many ferals and are needed by so many forgotten felines! But what a fearful thing to go through - I hope all will be well with you soon. Will insurance cover all this devastation, I hope?
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and since it wasn't our tree that fell on our shop, we are SOL with getting any money to fix the building. The insurance will cover the cost of the lawnmower, rototiller, Jaccuzi and trailer, but not the tractor as it is to big and considered farm equipment, go figure out insurance companies!
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I don't suppose it's a little like car insurance? I mean, you sue the neighbor and his insurance company pays? I wonder if you can get 'act of God' insurance. I would imagine lots of things come under that category . . . And surely farmers have insurance for their equipment? Ah, well, what do I know, just feeling a little aggravated for you.

I sure hope you can get it under control swiftly and easily. It's hard to have your world scrambled like that.
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Blimey Hissey, that's awful. Thank goodness you are ok - poor Maya though
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My thoughts are with you. It is going to take a while before things are even back to semi normal. My prayers are with you & especially with Maya. Good luck cleaning up from the devestation.
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Thank goodness you are all right!!!! Poor baby Maya....she will be our prayers....Good luck in cleaning up the HUGE mess, stay safe as you use chainsaw and woodchipper to get rid the trees and debris!
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I'm so glad to hear you all are all right! I wish there was something I could do besides pray. Do you now yet if the government might declare it a disaster so that you can get some type of funding from the government or maybe the Red Cross?
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The phone lines are still down in areas and some calls go through and some don't. We have seen both disaster relief trucks and FEMA come down the highway so I am sure they are assessing the damage. I think Mike and I are still in shock, he took me to breakfast yesterday to another town where they hadn't even been hit with any wind, and the waitress comes up and says "I highly suggest the Black Forest Omelette." Mike looked her dead in the face and said, "Young lady, I am highly sick and tired of forest anything!" The two of us started to giggle till we cried and I am sure we probably raised some eyebrows so the manager finally came over to find out if we were high or something, so Mike told her what happened, and they treated us to breakfast and oh my my I had his recommendation "Stuffed French Toast" It was stuffed with cheese, ham, mushrooms and had this incredible sauce over it, it was delicious. It was a very nice thing for this lady to do for us.
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People's kindness is amazing.
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I'm very happy that you and your family are safe. Having gone thru a couple of these storms I know all too well how terrifying they are.During our infamous "Ground Hog Day Gale" some years back The temp dropped to -30 for 2 weeks straight and we had no power. I spent most of that 2 weeks alone in the house heating water pipes with a propane torch. Not something to ever repeat I hope.

Up here we call these Weather Bombs and they do live up to their name.

Saying a prayer for your recovery.
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I havent been on since early Saturday, and had no idea this was going on!

I had heard you/we were going to get some rough weather, but I had no idea it was going to be this bad! I saw a few blurbs on the news but didn't realize it was your area. You're only a couple hours from me, and although we had a ton of rain, and a little wind, it was nowhere near what you experienced.

They say we'll have NO rain for at least 3 days now, I hope that holds true for you too. Doesn't make up for the damage, but at least it will give you clear skies to access the damage and fix what you can.

I'mm so sorry this happened to you, and for little Maya, but am so glad you and yours are safe.
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I am soooooooo sorry to hear this.......
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During our infamous "Ground Hog Day Gale" some years back The temp dropped to -30 for 2 weeks straight and we had no power. I spent most of that 2 weeks alone in the house heating water pipes with a propane torch. Not something to ever repeat I hope.
Makes me very glad that I live in Texas!
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I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you and your animals and farm. Thank goodness no one got hurt. I'm sorry to hear about Maya.
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I too am really sorry to hear about little Maya, but I am really glad the rest of you and your animals are all right.
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Mary Ann, I am so sorry!!! Fortunately (except for poor little Maya), you guys are ok! I was reading through your accounts and had just seen the photos that you posted, that is so awful!

I am very very happy that you are ok...

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