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What work do you do? Is it what you thought you'd do?

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So, what kind of work do y'all do? Is it something you thought you'd do when you were younger? That is, did you plan for it or just fall into it? And what's your day-to-day like?

I work for a dot com startup (yes, there are a few still around) as a QA engineer. What that means is that I test the code our developers put out, as well as creating test conditions, providing third tier production support, and automating the testing.

Is this something I saw myself doing? Not remotely. Several years ago, my husband (not at the time, though) talked me into going back to school to get my CIS (Computer Information Systems) degree. I'm a good writer, so I figured that I could parlay that degree into a career as a technical writer. That's how I started where I am now, but a bit of internal juggling and moving around later, I am now a QA engineer, through no fault of my own. The weird thing is, I kind of like it. I especially like working in the databases, fiddling around with SQL. The only thing I don't like, really, is that we have WAY too much to do because our execs and sales guys overpromise.

So ... anyone else?

EDIT: Hey, everyone, let's remember to not put any personally identifiable information here, since anyone can read it. Thanks.
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I'm an accountant for a development company now, and I never saw that coming! I started working in accountancy practice as a way to pass the time until I decided what I wanted to do....... 6 years, a degree and some post grad studies later I ended up auditing companies. Disliked being an auditor as everyone hates you because they think you're there to catch them out (which in some ways I guess you are), so I left nearly 2 years ago and ended up here. My current job is about perfect - low stress, my own office, unrestricted internet access, great boss, good collegues (most of the time) and good pay. I could earn a lot more if I was willing to go back to auditing, but I think there's more important things in life than money!!
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I'm an RN who loves the LTC (nursing home) environment. First, I never saw myself as a nurse. Second, I NEVER would have thought I would have liked working in a nursing home. I love it. Some people don't think being a nurse in a nursing home is being a "real" nurse. That kind of makes me angry, but oh well, my beloved residents know different.
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Im a SAHM to five children , I homeschool and Im a Pastors Wife........... Never in a million years did I think this is where I would be when I was was younger.
I went to college for a Business Degree after not be able to keep up with the nursing program...**sigh** I was planning on secretarial work but never made it......got married, had kids, husband was called to preach, started homeschooling and the rest is history.
Amazing how what you think you might be doing can be totally different than where the Lord wants you to be. Im very happy to be in the Lords will though and not my own.
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im a stay at home person,but due to disability i cant work do a bit of stuff then let the pain subside but i do my best
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I work for a charter company. It is the line of work that I had always imagined I would be in but I never expected I would work here (that is up in the boonies)
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Im currently teaching English in Taiwan. Part of the job is what I always foresaw (living in another country) but the teaching kids things surprised me a lot. I always thought I didn't like children. Turns out, in some ways it is way better to deal with kids than adults!

But I always thought I would be a lawyer.
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I work as an administrative assistant. I never really thought that I would work with 15 guys, me being the only girl!! I love secretarial work tho, its always keeping me buzy and I really love the bookwork and the insurance work too. Cars have always facinated me, and plus, it makes my Grandpa proud that one of his only granddaughters is taking after him and going into the car business. I started out working with him when I was 13, makes him feel good that he started me off for my career!!
I always thought that I would be a stay at home mom, doing daycare...I guess that could always change, I'm only 21!
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I`m a wife, mother (although the kids are grown, have grandkids and am about to become a GREAT grandma) and homemaker......Just what I always really wanted to be. (Unless you count that for awhile when I was a kid I thought I`d like to be a ballernia or a clown.)
I love to wallpaper, sew, flower garden and stamp. Guess I`m a lot like my grandmother when she would say that she was a "Jack of all trades and a master of none"......keeps life intresting rather than getting bored doing the same old thing everyday.I would`nt trade it for anything else!
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Originally Posted by cincocatz
I'm an RN who loves the LTC (nursing home) environment. First, I never saw myself as a nurse. Second, I NEVER would have thought I would have liked working in a nursing home. I love it. Some people don't think being a nurse in a nursing home is being a "real" nurse. That kind of makes me angry, but oh well, my beloved residents know different.
Hey, my husband is an LPN who spent quite a bit of time as a charge nurse on a nursing home's Alzheimer's unit. It's hard work and most certainly "real" nursing. Not many people could do your job.
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I went to school to be a vet-- have wanted to be a vet since i can remember. Got there and it was all about who had the most money and who you were related to. Didnt learn much of anything, and with all the BS politics, i said screw it.

I got out and started doing retail merchandising and mystery shopping. I love it. Currently I work as a rep. So much fun. I have my own territory of 180 plus convience stores and im usually home by lunch everyday. I still do mystery shopping as i see the opportunities come open that i am willing to take. Been doing my merch/mystery shopping stuff for about 8 years now.

Thinking about going back to school for a marketing or visual merchandising degree soon.
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I am a massage therapist, and love it. I recently lost my job at a salon, but I am going to start my own business, doing chair massage in offices, barbershops, cafes, anywhere that wil let me.
It is a late in life career change for me, but it is the best thing I have ever done.
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Merchandiser for now... I left college to fix me and take care of mom ... one day I will become a researcher..
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I am an office manager right now. What I do is OK but I didn't go to school for 5 years to get my marketing degree for this. I always pictured myself in market research dealing with statistics or maybe in advertising or product development. Not here answering phones... But I have to admit that most of it has to do with where I live, because I live in a small town and will not relocate nor will I commute over a half hour as we have horrible winters. I'm hoping to at some point get some freelance design stuff going and maybe at some point start my own business.

But I'm rambling, in response to the question posted, hell no, I am not anywhere that I thought I would be.
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I don't work yet and I'm not terribly sure what to do in the future!
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well.... i'm too young to get a job yet. But, i want to be a musician .
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I work at a veterinary hospital and, at one point, I wanted to be a vet. I don't think I'd be able to do all the years of schooling though. It's harder to get into vet school than it is to get into med school!

I don't know how long I'll stick with the job. I would love to work at a shelter. I was thinking about getting a "normal" job (less hours, better pay) and then taking the spare time I would actually have to volunteer at a shelter.
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Right now I work in customer service for a HMO, and I really hate it. It's not what I want to do, but it pays the bills.

I've worked in telecom and done tech support, but what I really want to do is get my nursing degree. I plan to go back to college next year and pursue my goal of being a RN.

When I was little, I wanted to be so many things, and I never expected I'd want to be a nurse, but now it seems like the perfect career for me.
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Im a cashier but then again im only 18 so im working just for the experience and the pay is not to shabby and I enjoy working with the people there so its all good! Infact im working this week sometime... joy I get to take the bus and the Lrt! its going to be a long cold winter for me hahaha
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I sit on my butt in front of the computer and play video games.
Occasionally, when I feel like it, I do some web design.
I do have a distributorship with a vitamin/mineral/herbal suppliment company, but I do nothing and get checks monthly.
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I am in School becoming a vet tech.......

I never ever dreamed of doing something in animal care.........

untill about 6 months ago i was going to do something in psyche....and i had wanted to do psyche my whole life.....but then one day Johns mom said..."youre so good with animals..why not do something with them"

and bam.....my path changed...sometimes lifes funny like that
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well...I am a receptionist at a real estate office. Just there until I finish school in May...

then I will teach elementary school. I also plan to have my real estate license as well so I can do real estate on the side since I know plenty of it after working there...WOW! 3 years ago today!...I just realized I've been there 3 years!
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Nope..my whole journey has been one big surprise. Swore I'd never be a nurse, if I went into medicine I'd be a doctor, expected after college to do something with my poetry and writing skills or to perhaps finally pursue my love of sculpting. Ended up in nursing school in my late 20's after wandering the country a bit (waitressing, home health care ----> which I loved, waitressing I hated).

Worked 13 years as an RN, 12 of them in high risk labor and delivery, doing antepartum care, labor and delivery, recovery, scrub nurse etc.

Now I have my own business, which I adore, which grew out of my love of cats and the time I spent showing them during my free time during those 13 years of nursing (many of them night shift--->12 hour night shift).

Still want to get back to the sculpting at some point
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I am a Loss Prevention/Collections Manager at a Federal Credit Union......there is no way when I was 10, I said "when I grow up I want to be a bill collector and repo peoples cars". I started working in the industry when I was 17....that was a long time ago!
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I'm currently a freelance marketing/PR professional, working with small to midsize arts groups, mostly theatres. Currently client-less since I am in my last year of graduate school and am going to be doing a marketing internship with one of the major theatres here. I'm also going to start working a retail job soon at a cosmetics store for "fun money", since I'm not taking on any freelance work at the moment.
I always knew I would be working in some capacity in the theatre, but I didn't picture myself doing marketing since I didn't really even know what it was until about 5 years ago!
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I'm a Tumour Bank Officer at a Medical Research facility. I collect cancerous tissue and tumour samples to be stored for future medical use. Get to go and see some pretty cool surgeries! The brain ones are always fun.

I always thought I would be a marine biologist!
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I am a free-lance writer and a partner in several websites. I mainly write content for websites at the moment and I love what I do. I also rescue abused animals-

I thought I would grow up and be a veterinarian or a horse rancher
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I am a Pediatric Nurse. I always wanted to be a Dr. of animals or people, so this isn't very far off. Once I was in nursing, though, I never thought I would go into Pediatrics. I was planning to a be Nurse Midwife. I adore what I do now!
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I am married to a preacher. No I never thought that when I was growing up.
It is very rewarding, but hard at times.
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