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My kitten

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we own lots of cats and recently picked up a small kitten... it lives in my room and is barely weened... It is tiny... On oneof it's sides there is a strange soft bump that the other side doesn't have... we checked for worms and got nothing.... It is always crying, it is eating and drinking but I am worried... It's behavior has stayed the same and it has fleas galore...Using the kitten developement thing I would place it around 9 weeks
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Has your kitten been examined by a Vet? This should be your very first course of action.
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Especially if your kitten is crawling with fleas. Please get your kitten into the vet to be safely treated for fleas and examined. That soft lump could be a tick, which means your kitten will be coming down ill quite soon if it is. The fleas bring with them parasites, anemia, and flea-born illnesses. Please give this little one a fighting chance and take it to the vet tomorrow to be examined.
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Please,please o please take it to the vet asap!!!! If it is really tiny, the flea infestation could kill it PLEASE take it . ChiChi and I will be praying for you both,please let us know what happens at the vet.
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