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new kitten

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We have an 8 year old cat and a 1 year old cat. We just bought a new kitten and we have a problem. Our 1 year old does not like the kitten as we anticipated but he has taken to hissing and growling at not only her but us. Every time we try to get near him he tries to bite. He is usually very loveable and craves attention. When we bought her, we bought him a new toy also and tried to spend as much time with him as possible. any suggestions would be appreciated. We don't want to get rid of him, he's our baby boy.
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Well, I hope they work something out! They usually do, in my experience. I got a kitten this summer...it has been interesting:

1. Older cat did not like kitten, kitten wanted to play with older cat.
2. Older cat decided to play with kitten, then kitten became afraid of older cat.
3. Kitten and older cat started to play.
4. Kitten at 7 months is bigger than older cat, still wants to play, while older cat does not. Older cat avoids pouncing and chasing by the kitten through sneakiness, resorts to hissing and scratching when necessary, which kitten thoroughly ignores.

That's where we are now.

Good luck and congrats on the new kitty.
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When we got Kali as a kitten, Elvis was not sure at all and more than a little bit miffed! But, now they are the best of friends. They go everywhere together. Elvis is a pretty big male cat while Kali is quite a petite little female - and now she's the boss!!

Given time they should sort it out. Your 1 year old sounds just like Elvis when we first got Kali - he didn't speak to us for days!! But after a couple of weeks, they were fine.

Good Luck.
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Also, keep in mind that cats move in what my vet has termed "geological time." When we first brought Punkie (mama cat) inside and put her in the general population, she and Jezebel would have loud screaming and swatting matches at least once a day (that could've been because Jez liked to smack Punkie's kittens because they dared to exist in HER house, but I digress). This was around May. When I talked to the vet about it, he told me that cats just sometimes take a while to make friends and I shouldn't even worry about it 'til Thanksgiving. Sure enough, their rumbles had ceased by the end of the summer. It just takes a while.
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