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Kitten spraying

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Hi, I've got a 2+ mth old male kitten at home called Wukong.

I have heard that males start spraying around the house, and they continue to do that even if they have been neutered.

I would like to know whether neutering him before he actually starts spraying will curb this for life?

If so, does anyone know at what age do male kittens start this spraying behaviour and whether there is a training method to teach them not to spray?

You guys are so much more experienced than I, would really appreciate your help!
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He is pretty young to start spraying, the start spraying when they reach sexual maturity during their first kitten season. If you get him neutered early you shouldn't have a problem, but only a vet can tell you if he will neuter early.
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Hi Hissy, thanks for the reply. I'm bringing Catsy (his mom) for her second round of vaccinations next weekend, perhaps I'll get a vet's advice then.
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Neutering before they start is preferable to curb the behavior. My male cat was neutered after he matured and started spraying. His previous owners did not have him neutered, so my family had the surgery done within weeks of owning him. Luckily for us once he was neutered, he stopped spraying. So it does vary from cat to cat.

Call your vet and find out how early they neuter and go from there.
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Oh I see... Well looks like I'd better get my boy neutered before he starts spraying. I'd like my walls to stay white, and not turn a funky shade of yellow
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The yellow stains are the least of your worries with stud spray - it is the smell. *shudder*
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Oh my... how did you teach your cats to stop spraying once they have started?
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One of my males got neutered at 17 months and never sprayed. You cannot 'teach' them not to spray.
The other side to getting them neutered early is the quicker recovery time, the kittens got done at 17 weeks and came home from the vets running around like nothing had happened.
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lol okay. I have every intention of neutering my boy before he starts spraying, but I was just curious to know how people here with spraying toms cope with it. Thanks!
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