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Do cats cry??

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Ben and i have had alot of stress in the last few days, and well i have been crying and been hysterics..
Today ben and i got our priorities straight and have our own definete rooms nothing is left of each others and i will move out next month or untill i find another apartment.

Anyway as i was moving my things and telling ben off i caught Teufels eyes and he looked so sad, and he had really watery eyes.

I know that cats can sense what is wrong but do you think that actually cry??
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Fran, I'm sorry you're going through such a hard time at the moment.

Cats don't cry and if their eyes look watery, you need to keep an eye on them. The stress that you're going through can definitely be felt by Teufel and can sometimes manifest itself in ilness in cats. I do believe, though, that cats can empathise with us. There are so, so many of us whose cat's fur has felt our tears because they have come to us and comforted us during hard times.
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teufel is great for comfort!
when i just start to raise my voice he starts chattering and bite my wrists and hands and will pur on my face
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I know it's difficult but you really do need to do your best in keeping the stress level down in your home and not raise your voice. The behaviour you describe show that Teufel is very stressed and anxious.
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When my husband and I argue and raise our voices, Pushkin gets upset and runs around looking scared. Just looking at his reaction makes me calm down a bit. I don't want to be a bad mom yelling all the time and scaring my kids!
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So sorry to hear about you problems.

My cats have come to me when I, or TDW are in pain, real or emotional. They sense it, and they react sometimes scared, and sometimes very sympathetic. Its a quality I am always surprised, yet glad, to see happen. They can and do feel emotional pain in some way.
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I have never seen a cat cry, but I had a dog that shed a few tears once because my hubby would not share his blueberries. She got some after the tear rolled from her eye, down her little cheek and dropped to the floor. Please tell Teufel it will be alright and keep and watch him for signs of any sickness.
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Originally Posted by captiva
I had a dog that shed a few tears once because my hubby would not share his blueberries.

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Take good care of Mommy she needs you right now
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When i lived with my boyfriend we just had Rosie, and i told him he could never ever raise his voice when Rosie was around.

Cats pick up on things very easily and there was no way i was going to have her stressed. Adults shouting in front of children has an effect on them so it's the same with animals
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