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OMG! My baby is gone, I can't take this! :'-(  

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OMG! He's gone, he's gone! :'-( I can barely type or think straight, but my baby is gone and now I wanna change my id...I shouldn't have used his name for my id! OH MY BABY!!! Why'd you leave me? I'm sorry, but I can't heart is aching and I have been also enduring some terrible heartbreak over someone else...this pain is just too much. I love him and miss him so much!:'-( I just really need a friend right now...I can't say anything more right now.
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You poor thing... This might sound crazy, but I just went through what you are describing. My husband is deployed overseas and I miss him like crazy, and then we lost our beloved Sumo in August, and I felt like I was just in a constant state of grief and sorrow. I felt like no one understood and I was so so lost and alone. I don't know what else is happening in your life, but know how much pain you must be in right now losing Frisky. Your kitty must have been so special to you and I'm so sorry.... I hope you will be comforted here with all your friends who care.

As for Sumo, he was only 1-1/2 and he was growing weak and his health was deteriorating fast. Our vet diagnosed him with lymphoma but he was getting worse too quickly. Sumo was my little buddy and he never left my side. I found this web site only after he was gone, and although I have two other kitties, I chose to use his name in my login to remember him.

I'll be thinking and praying for you (if that's OK). Your Frisky knew how much you loved him.... Sending comfort and hugs to you... Feel free to write to me anytime you need to.

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I feel your pain and desperation and there are no words. My heart is with you during this most difficult time.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Frisky. There are friends here who care.
I pray that whatever else is going on in your life, that you will find peace in your heart.
Rest in peace, sweet Frisky. You are loved.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
RIP sweet Frisky.
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I am very sorry to hear this about your beloved Frisky
Wish I could find the words to help ease your pain.
We are all here for you, will keep you in my thoughts.

RIP sweet Frisky
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Oh NO! I'm so sorry for your loss. It must be really hard for you to cope now. Cry over Frisky and mourn your loss, but please stay strong and remember that you have to move on.

I lost 3 young kittens (1 mth old) of my own and cried myself to sleep most nights after that and anytime in the day when I thought of them even up till now. I can't imagine how terrible you must feel especially since you share such a strong bond with Frisky.

I'm sure you've given him all the love and care a kitty would ever want, and have made him a very very happy fellow... I'm sure you'll miss him for a long time to come, but you'll be reunited with him over at the RB.

Take care now...
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I am so sorry for the pain your going least your loved kitty had you here for him and he is never gone from your heart. Right now he is pain free running and climbing capnipp trees!

Thinking of you.....Sarah
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Time will heal your heart. I mourned (cried my eyes out) several weeks over George. I chose my TCS name because of him. I never want to forget my big gray sweetheart. Frisky will always have a special place in your heart. He knows that you loved him and I'm sure he is still with you in spirit. His suffering is over now. Let yourself grieve - cry, post his picture on your refrigerator, write down all your favorite memories of him, make a photo album or scrap book of his pictures. It hurts like heck, but you are not alone. Take care.
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I am very sorry for your loss. I know you have tried very hard to provide the best for your beloved Frisky. I know your heart must really be breaking. Please just take this one step at a time. Be sure to take care of yourself as you go through the grief process.

Frisky is now at peace, and will never ever have a sick day again. He is over the Rainbow Bridge, telling all the other sweet kitties what a loving Meowmie he has.

Condolences on your loss!
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I'm so very sorry for your loss of Frisky. You are in our prayers and thoughts as is Frisky as he is welcomed home. Frisky will be watching over you with love and he wouldn't want you to grieve forever, just to grieve for a time and cherish the fond memories you both had together. He is at peace now, chasing butterflies and waiting for the day he can greet you again.

I took my name for my gray RB cat Sphinx who passed over last July. I still miss him terribly and think of him daily but now with fondness and love and will always cherish the short time we had together.

Take the time to grieve and to heal yourself. If you need to talk to anyone please feel free to pm anyone here. Take care.

R.I.P. Frisky.
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Frisky your suffering no more little one. Be at peace now over the bridge and enjoy your new lease of life
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Hi, Friskysmom, I know what you're going thru--I too have lost beloved pets. Nine years ago I lost a cat I had had for 17 years, since he was only weeks old. His name was Malkin and when he died my heart broke wide open. I thought I would never stop grieving. I wrote a long, long letter to him, just as if I were talking to him--about how much I loved him, how much I already missed him, how even in the awful pain I was going thru I still would NEVER have chosen not to know him and love him and have him in my life--and I folded up that tear-soaked letter and put it in his little grave when we buried him. Believe it or not, writing that letter to my Malkin helped ease my grief a little. Maybe you could try writing a letter to your Frisky--or just talk out loud to him, we know you aren't crazy, and who cares what anyone else thinks? You need to grieve, to go thru this very painful process, but I promise eventually the pain lessens, you can reach the time that you'll be able to remember all the GOOD times you had with Frisky, all the times he made you laugh (and maybe all the times YOU made HIM laugh??), all the wonderful HAPPY memories you and Frisky shared. And you know, about his name in your ID--I think to leave it there would be a wonderful tribute to Frisky, to the very large place he had (and will always have) in your heart. Of course that's your private decision, but I notice several other members here have chosen that way to memorialize a beloved cat. You say you need friends now--well, I'm brand new here, you don't know me yet, but I am very willing to be your friend. I'm sending you all the cyber-hugs and comfort I've got--hope they can ease your pain a little. God bless. Frisky, RIP
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You poor thing, I know that the pain you are going through is indescribable. RIP Frisky
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We each have to mourn our beloved babies in our own way. I wish you a huge hug and two shoulders to cry on. Maybe Frisky has already met up with Diddo, and I'll bet they're chasing that beautiful little swallowtail butterfly over by the roses. Can you see them over there?
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He isn't really gone as long as you treasure the memories of him. right now, I know that means nothing to you as your grief is far too tender, but, given time, the wound will begin to heal.

I lost my cat, Carmen, one week ago the the hour, and the wound is still very raw indeed, so I do both sympathise and empathise with your sorrow.

Take comfort from the FACT that you pet is no longer suffering, that all life's aches, pains, misery and suffering are bahind him. Whilst you may feel intense pain from loss, your pet is resting with all his cares behind him.

The pain you feel is terrible, but, as with all pain, it will fade in time, though never depart. do not hide form your grief, nor let others belittle its intensity. Take comfort from the fact that you have a great many people on this board that know 1st hand your pain, and that you are in their thoughts.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Frisky. You are in my thoughts.
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OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I do not know how to cope with this awful pain & grief I"m feeling. My god I miss him so much, it really does hurt so very much, so deeply! Last nite, when I discovered him in that horrifying morose state, it was like something out of a horror film...I didn't know whether to faint/pass out, be sick to my stomach, or go into shock and scream, run away FAR away! it was an absolute horror and I NEVER want to see that again! Today, we're having a burial funeral and I cannot handle this...I haven't seen him since early yesterday evening...and I don't know if I can stand to see him again, nor do I want to...I just don't know what to do here and I don't know if there's a "right/best" thing to do with this...But I just do know that this really does hurt so very much and I miss him so much, a lot! I knew it would hurt, but I had no idea it would hurt like this, so bad! It's just awful...and yes he sure did have the best meowmie he could ever possibly have! Okay, well, I am eating and drinking and trying to rest and cope and heal in the best way I can...I just pray to God I can find the strength, peace, and courage, faith, hope to get through this and move forward with my life because it's really tough! Thank you all for being my friend and for caring and being there for really does mean so much and a lot...just reading your kind comforting replies brought more these pained grieving eyes.
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Ok that's it, I am locking this thread. This cat was denied proper vet care and proper care. I have never had a thread that caused so many outraged PM's to come into my box than I have with your tribute to this cat. Those of you who believe this is mean- need to read the original thread about this cat where actual help was extended to friskysmom by a concerned member here who was close enough to help.

This subject is closed and thankfully this cat's torment is ended.

here is the original thread, that was also locked- and the real reason behind this poor cat's unfortunate death-
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