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Horribly Abused Cat Is Alive And Needs Help

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Cat found near death with front legs cut off.
Warning: This link contains graphic pictures of the cat.

The link also contains information on how interested people can help.
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OMG that is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. That is disgusting and I hope they find the people that did that and cut several of their parts of a leave them in a ditch. The absolute respect for life shown by those people is really scary - that lady in the article is right, they could be child abusers, serial killers, repeat animal abusers, who knows. I hope they find them and nail them. Oh, I am just so mad and sick and upset. PAWS is a great organization, we have them here too. Thank you for the info, and keep us updated if you can.
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That is the most sick, disgusting, heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. I am siting here with tears rolling down my face. How anybody could do such an awful thing defies all understanding.
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I found this link unexpectedly last night, I have never seen anything so sick or horrible before either!!!! I was so badly shocked by what this poor innocent cat has been put through, that I wound up coming back here and posting the link. It sounds like this is a very tough little cat, and in the update which discusses her surgery, it says they think she lived on her own for three weeks with her paws cut off.
Poor little kitty!!!!!!!
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OMG, I can't even read the link, I have heard more than I can handle just from the posts. I'll just go off and say a fervent prayer, for healing and peace of mind for the little kitty and her family, and for justice for the monster(s) that did this........
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they guy who found him was going to adopt him????
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Some recent pictures have been posted of this cat who is being called "Lucky Paws." These pictures show Lucky Paws a couple of weeks after surgery which was done on her legs. The legs don't look as red and sore on the ends, and in the pictures the cat looks fully alert and comfortable, also her eyes look clear. If anyone is interested in seeing these new pictures, you can click on the link at the top of this thread, then click the February 20th link. Warning: These pictures may be too graphic for some people and there isn't any text in this link.
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Who could do something so horrible to any animal? Whoever did that deserves to have their arms or legs chopped and then be tossed into a ditch, so they can feel what its like!

I hope this kitty finds a nice, caring home to live in. I don't understand why mean people have to hurt cats.
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I just can't go and look - but I will say a prayer for this little fur ball. I am so sorry this happened.
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That's horrible!
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WOW! She looks so much better, bless her. I have emailed the site to ask what the authorities are doing with this case, but if you have any information in this matter you might post it here. I will if I find out anything new...
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Why would someone do such a terrible thing? I'm glad to see the cat feeling better.

I think 'lucky paws' is creepy name, it is making light of the situation.
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my heart aches just reading your replies. i can not look at any pictures. i agree. lets cut off the hands AND feet of the SOB that did this. i can't even say what i'd like to do to them!! what goes around comes around. they will pay!!! at least this baby will now have the life of luxury. i can't handle this stuff you guys.
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What goes on inside someone's head to even think of doing something like that? It's sickening to think we belong to the same race as whoever did that.

I read a similar case of some kids who hung a cat and shot darts or bees at the cat and video taped it. They sold copies of the tape to their classmates for 6 dollars. The kids were caught and got one year probation..................

Our laws are not strict enough for animal abusers.
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I'm sorry , I won't attempt to have a look at those pictures ... . Would be unable to sleep tonight !
Last week I spotted a run-over dead cat on the road ; I stopped to look at her , but no help possible .... Oh my hart was bleeding !!! Who-ever did this , they could at least have stopped and moved the corpse to the side of the road ... because now , it was run over , over and over again .... Horrible ....
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Seeing the pictures and reading the information just brought tears to my eyes. I can not understand why someone would be so cruel to such an innocent animal. I would love to get my hands on the individual or individuals that committed that horrible act of abuse.
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I remember that one, poor little buggar.
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HI,.I just read and saw that picture of Lucky Paws,.God how could anyone do such a thing to anyone!!!! God,.they can't be called a human being at all,.I always have thought that people like that should be severely pucnished,.and God,.I hope so!!!
That made me sick!!!
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Just saw the picture of Lucky Paws. I couldn't believe it. I just recently rescued a cat who had his back left foot mangled which resulted in me having to have his leg amputated. I thought he was pitiful, but looking at Lucky Paws, my Bubba, is not so bad. Is he able to walk?

And people wonder why this world is going to hell in a hand basket. When tragedy befell us on Sept. 11 so many seemed shocked that our society could suffer such a tragedy. Do they realize the tragedy of this society goes on day in and day out. They don't notice it because it's one tragedy at a time and not thousands all at once. Am I making any sense?

I'll keep praying for our fur babies!
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Hi Patsy,
I don't know,.but I think from the update,.Lucky Paws is using the litter box,.and is getting around ok,.(I don't know why the name Lucky Paws??),.
I agree with you,.about all of the horrible things going on in this world,.Like Sept.11th,.it is getting worse & worse every day, the pipe bombs now,..
Take Care,
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