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Injured kitty won't eat or drink.

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My cat Brendan was diagnosed yesterday with a seperated illiac joint (?). He has no use of his right hind leg. The vet said he would not be in any pain and to just let him be till he recovers (which could be in 24 hours or several weeks). He gave me some anti-inflamitory pills to give him. Since we came home from the vet yesterday morning he has not eaten or drank anything. We've tried giving him his favorites and have brought him water and food and even tried hand feeding him. He just walks away. He does nothing but lie around by himself. I'm worried he's going to get dehydrated or starve himself to death. I'm going to call the vet in the morning but don't know what to do in the meantime. Please help.
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A cat not eating or drinking is a very serious thing, you might wanna take him to a vet immediately.
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I would give your vet a ring as well because they still need fluids
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I agree...they can always give him some sub-q fluids to rehydrate him. If you can not get to a vet today, try using an eye dropper to give water (carefully so no choking), and I'd keep up with the handfeeding for today.
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Good advice here. Let us know how your kitty is doing.
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Take a look at this article it will give you some insight

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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
try using an eye dropper to give water (carefully so no choking),
Yes, You can give her water self, you dont need to go to vet for that!

use a eyedropper or a syringe of some sort.

In the corner of the mouth across the mouth, NOT straight down the neck.

Most easy if someone holds her and other gives the water.

(I know someone who held theirs cat alive - and quite well - in two year this way, giving her water several times every day. She had a kidney disease, didnt drank self but did welcomed the help...)

Plain water will do, but if she doesnt eat either
you can have some dextrose and kitchensalt in.

1litre water
1 soupspoon dextreose
1 teaspoon salt.

You can forcefeed in the same way - make some food in liquid-form.

a overweight cat should never starve more than 24 h - big risk for liver-injury.

But for a normalweight cat it isnt so dangerous to starve a little (luckily for stray-cats...)
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Took Brendan to the vet today. Vet says he's not dehydrated and he feels Brendan is just reacting to the pain and trauma even though is leg is 50% better than it was on Sat. He gave me some ReBound to give to him for the next couple of days and told me to just keep trying to get him to eat and drink. If he's not better in a couple of days to bring him back in. So we're going to try this and see what happens. I just really hope he starts eating and drinking again on his own soon because I hate fighting with him just to get a couple of cc's of stuff down him.

Thanks for all the information.
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