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Ahoy mateys! A day on Cap'n Bradley's boat!

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My mother and I got a pleasant surprise today: Bradley managed to get his boss to allow us to go out on an hour-long dolphin cruise for free! It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time! (Mods, I apologize ahead of time if I should have put this in the fur pics forum)

We saw plenty of dolphins. Notice the pinkish color on the dolphin's stomach- that signals that she's in heat!

And I got to be Captain Aimes for a while!

It was nice spending time with my two favorite people- my mom and Bradley

An old lighthouse, no longer in use

There is a bar where Bradley's boss docks their boats and this is the bar's sweet tabby, Marsha

Bradley did a great job captaining for us and we had a blast!
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Thats looks awesome I am so jealous!!!
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Looks like a lovely day! That would be a wonderful job, seeing the dolphins every day!
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It was fun You're right- he does have one heck of a job, huh? :rolleyes My mom kept saying, "I could really get used to this" and I agree. All that was missing were a few Coronas!

Our dream is to one day have a house on deep water. I'd love to be able to just walk through my back yard, hop on my boat, and cruise around looking at dolphins. *Sigh*.
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Oh me too!! I'd love to live on a houseboat. And you could anchor up and travel somewhere new whenever you felt like it. Only problem is, my hubsand can't swim, and doesn't feel secure on a boat.
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That looks like so much fun!! I would love to see dolphins in the wild like that!!
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That is wonderful!!, I can't believe how close the dolphins came to the boat!
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As I look outside in the overcast rainy day many many miles from either ocean!! (sigh)
What a fun day you must have had.
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Looks like you had a awesome day. I am jealous too.

I have been cruise planning all day for our next trip. I came over to TCS from CruiseCritic message boards to give my mind a break. The cruise isn't coming fast enough...LOL

And then I get to see dolphins, lighthouses and bright blue water on TCS too!

Thanks for the awesome pics.

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This makes me nostalgic for good old home- FL!
I grew up on a barrier island with the ocean on one side and a river on the other, so we had dolphins as far as the eye can see, and manatees!
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Great pics, Amy! Especially the dolphins!
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Thanks guys . Bobbie, trust me, the water isn't as blue as it may look- we actually have pretty dingy water off Tybee Island.

And I wish we had manatees as far as the eye could see! Now I'm jealous!! Bradley said we get a few manatees in the Savannah River channel every now and then, but I've yet to see any . We kept a rough count of how many dolphins we saw today- about 30!
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That looks like such a blast Amy!!! It was really sweet of Bradley to take you and your mom out like that! Love the pics!!!
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Wow Amy, how fun was that!!! Wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing!
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Wonderful pics!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Thanks guys . Bobbie, trust me, the water isn't as blue as it may look- we actually have pretty dingy water off Tybee Island.
We went to Jekyll Island several years back, and Sunny was very disappointed at the water and sand. He's used to the "sugar sand" beaches down around Gulf Shores and Pensacola where the water is blue. At least when there's no hurricanes kicking it up ! I'd like to visit Savannah someday, looks like you had an awesome day out!
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Thanks for sharing the pics Amy! That looked like lots of fun!
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Amy, thank you for sharing those pictures. Sounds like you had a great afternoon!
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Wow, what a beautiful day! Great pictures, too!
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Oh wow Amy, wonderful pics! I bet you had a blast. I just love dolphins, I think they're so beautiful; lucky you being so close!
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Awwww!!!!!!! I dolphins! What an amazing experience!
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Cool pics Amy, including the bar kitty!
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