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Kiera did it !!!

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Kiera is the proud new mom of 5 kittens.

We've got 3 gray tabbies and 2 black and whites. All look to be in fine health and are nursing right now with Mom purring contentedly. I haven't figured out the sexes yet - I'm not too good at it anyways ! so we'll wait and see for that.

I have spend the last month reading and researching the labor and delivery of kittens and learning from this site. Timing had it that I had to leave town for one night... Yep, you guessed, it ! That's the night she decided to have them ! Sometime in the wee hours of the morning Kiera went into labor and seemingly did it all very well. Instinct is sure a strong force !

If the picture doesn't post properly, you can click the link below.


Congrats to Kiera !
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Yeah Kiera!!!!

Congrats on the new babies, I am glad to hear mom and babies are doing well!!!
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Congrats on the new babies, they are adorable
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What adorable furry little darlings! YOu will have such fun watching them every day and seeing them develop. Hope you find wonderful indoor homes for the little darlings (assuming you can part with them.)

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I just looked at the picture again. It look like the kittens are big - they're not ! It's actually that the mom is so small. The biggest kitten weights 126grams. What's the average size of a newborn ? The smallest is at 93 grams. I'll weigh them everyday to make sure they are feeding properly.
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Congratulations - the kitties are adorable!
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She finally did it! Congrats!
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The kittens are so cute. The mother is a sweet looking little cat. Congratulations.
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awwwwwwwwwwww so cuttteeeeee!!! I wish Tiara had a couple more! LOL
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