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Found starving kitten - why is she screaming for more food?

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A couple days ago found starving kitten (about 6-8 weeks old), very friendly and has soft clean fur(I live in the country and there are some wild cats out here).
Today, after giving her some wet cat food for breakfast, she cried and cried until i gave her a little more. Then she stole some food off the table and continues to eat ravenously. Is this an indication of worms, or another problem?

Also her bottom lip seems to have been pulled off of her gums. There is about a centimeter of extra skin showing there and it is bleeding slightly. Her whiskers are short and kind of curled at the ends, like they have been burnt.

Otherwise she is extremely friendly and sociable, explored the house right off, acts like a normal kitten.
Any one with any experience with something like this before? Should i put polysporin on her lip?
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She needs to see a vet- she probably has fleas which leads her susceptible to flea born illness. She should be accessed by a professional. Her eating habits are typical of ferals or strays- they will eat all that is put in front of them, even if they don't have worms. What they don't eat, they try and bury for later- its a survival tactic may help you as well
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I agree that a vet visit is in order. As for the food, let her eat as much as she wants and as often as she wants. She's growing really fast at her age and also needs to learn that food is not scarce so she doesn't develop behavioral based overeating habits in the future.
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I am sorry but I respectfully disagree with letting her eat everything and anything she wants. Get her to the vet first to get her checked for parasites, if she is carrying a load of worms they are eating all her protein. Then set up a food schedule and stick to it. Food at certain times each day, always in the same place, feed the kitten, not the bowl. Provide wet and dry food and water. Leave the dry out for about 45 minutes then pick it up if there is any left over. But give the kitten a schedule so she knows she can count on her and she will learn to relax. Overfeeding a feral or stray kitty can cause vomiting and other problems.
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