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Moving Issues...

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I'm moving to a new apartment an hour away from my current home. It's a small one-bdr apt., similar to the one I have now, but located in a semi-urban area. I have concerns about my cat adjusting. I adopted her two years ago, when she was about 8 mons. old. She came to me as a stray, looking like she'd been on her own for awhile. She is still kind of nervous and has a bad habit of biting (me and other people). This is the only home she's known. I thought about and am still thinking about not taking her with me. My parents have a large home in the country. They have offered to let her live in their basement. I know they'd take good care of her.

I worry about her in the new apt. because it doesn't have a main front door like this one. There are four of us living in this building, and we share one front door. If Maisey makes it out my door, she is still blocked from escaping. Even with that, I have left the door open by accident while going downstairs to get laundry or to get the mail. She almost got out a couple times when other people came in the front door at the same time I was downstairs. This is a quiet residential neighborhood, so I don't worry that much, even if she gets out. Where I'm moving is close to busy roads and shopping centers. I'm not used to having my own front door, and worry about her following me outside and running off. She moves FAST. My reasons for wanting to keep her with me are mostly selfish. I love her and she's very good company, despite being "mean as a land shark," as the vet calls her. Luckily, I will just be going to school for at least the first few weeks, and will look for part-time work once I get settled. This will give me some time to spend with her, so she won't get scared or confused.

There is a $100 pet deposit and a $10/month pet fee. I'm not that worried about money now since I have a little saved and am on financial aid for school, but there is no guarantee I will be able to find work when I want it, or what amount I'll be making. The money is not so much an issue as the carpeting is. It's a very light beige color (why they put such light carpeting in an apt. building is beyond me) that will show everything. I'm not used to that, and I HOPE that if she would pee on it, it would be salvageable.
I wouldn't care at all if it was my own property, but this is not my building.
My current rentors don't really care, since it's an old building. That's not the case where I'll be moving. It's very hard to find a safe and affordable complex in the city. This is actually more than I want to spend.

I'm just going back and forth on this issue. I'd like to hear some opinions from people who've been in this or a similar situation. My family and friends are not very objective, so they're not much help. Some people are telling me to bring her, others say keep her with family. This move is also experimental for me. I may absolutely hate living up there - I'm not used to city life at all, and know very few people there. However, I will try to stay at least a few months. So, what do you think? Where will she be the best off?
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I'm thinking that you're lucky to have parents who'll take her and offer her a good home. As you seem so uncertain of your future in your new apartment, perhaps this is a better solution. What about seeing how you settle in first, then bringing the cat from your parents, say after a month? Or would that be even more stress for her? Hmmm...tough call though to give away the cat.
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What about seeing how you settle in first, then bringing the cat from your parents, say after a month? Or would that be even more stress for her?

I didn't think about that, though, I think it could be more stressful for her if she has to move twice.

I think I'm going to take her with me. I will make sure her box and toys are out where she can see them so she knows this will be her home. I need to get her a tag with her name and our new phone number, so if she gets lost, I'll have a better chance of getting her back. I think she knows something is going on, as I've been moving a lot of stuff out of the apt. early. It will be an adjustment for us both, but I think we'll be alright. Thanks for responding.
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