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We Are Now a Lucky "7"...Couldn't Resist...

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We are now at "7" and I really have to stop this...but I just couldn't resist having this little sweetheart be a part of our family...

Elsie at 5 1/2 weeks...rescued from feral colony & absolutely delicious

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It is so hard to resist isn't it.

Are stopping at 7?
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Aww how cute!!.. I would stop at 7 too.... Vet bills must be huge!!
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Aww, she's adorable! I can see why you had a hard time resisting!
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Originally Posted by asterix
It is so hard to resist isn't it.

Are stopping at 7?

MUST stop at 7!! Although Elsie is a delicious little girl, I feel somewhat obligated to insure that she has a happy healthy life. My first successful TNR was her MOTHER!! Elsie's mom had a litter of three & I would have bet none survived. While her mother was recovering from spay, I heard Elsie's little cries and then her little head popped-up from under a shed. I just had to scoop her up. Sounds crazy but I feel I owe it to her mother -- "Oreo", a female (finally trapped/spayed/released) who is another sweetheart from feral colony.
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Awwww how cute does Elsie look with her straw
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Awww Elsie is adorable - the picture of her with the straw is so precious.

Now repeat after me "I will stop at 7, I will stop at 7......"
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She is so cute!!! I made myself stop at 7!
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She's beyond adorable ! Reminds me of Cosy when we first brought her home .
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How adorable!!!! Congrats on your new kitten!
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Congratulations on your new cutie pie there. Now.....back away from any other kittens you might consider taking home....that's it....slowwwly...
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I would have had a hard time resisting her too!!
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Awwwww, she's gorgeous! Hello Elsie!
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YAY!!! WTG Elsie - i knew you could convince them!
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Awww.... I can understand why you couldn't resist that face!
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Oh my, this little cat is the cutest thing in the world. I lost my black and white tuxedo cat in July. Congratulations on having seven cats. I wish I had some more.
I still have two. They are both adult cats. I have thought about getting a third one to fill the empty space my Max left when he died in July. But both my cats now have had urinary problems and eat "gourmet" food from the vet's office. I was managing the vet bills with three. In fact Max was the only one I had who had never been sick and was diagnosed suddenly with renal failure. So his bills, were not much. If I added one, I don't know what I would get, so for now have resisted the urge to add another one. But in my heart I want one.
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What a cutie pie!!
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Congratulations! Elsie is such a sweet little kitty! She's just adorable.
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Ahhhhhhhhh you caved huh? LOL congrats!
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Awww!, another furbaby!
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Oh no, another little black and white baby. I can't stand the cuteness!
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