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New Kitten Whining

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We just got a kitten yesterday afternoon. She's about 10 to 12 weeks old (not really sure exact age) and she's very sweet. When we got her home, however, she started constantly whining. I understand she's in a new place and probably nervous and confused so that's fine. But she whines about EVERYTHING and I was just wondering if this will soon go away. She whines when she wants something, she whines when she doesn't, she whines when you're petting her (while she purrs) and she whines when you're not, she whines when you play with her and she whines when you don't. It's just a constant. She has plenty of things to play with, we cuddle and play with her all the time (she won't give us a chance not to), she has food, water, litter box, and plenty of places to roam. Is there something I'm missing or not doing or is this just normal and will go away. Actually, the only time she's NOT whining is at night. She slept fine on our bed with us last night (and woke us up nice and early but such is to be expected). And once she's up she's back to whining.
Just looking for comments, suggestions, any advice or knowledge you can supply.
Thanks a lot!
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Take her to the vet- cats don't whine- unless they are siamese or part siamese, then they talk to you almost constantly.
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She also doesn't whine if she's really concentrating on playing (we have one of those bells and feathers on elastic and she loves that thing). Don't know if that makes a difference.
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Ok, new discovery - she's part Siamese (I think). She has turtle shell markings but has the bright blue eyes and darker face feet and tail. She's long haired however, perhaps from the other part of her breeding? She was found with a large group of abandoned kittens and is a mixed breed so the foster woman I got her from didn't really know much about her. So I guess that could explain the constant vocality...
Is there a way to tell the difference between bad whining and just cat talk?
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If she hasn't been to a vet, she does need to see one. She could be missing her siblings and her mom and just be lonely, or she could be in pain. It is hard to say because we aren't there to hear her. I have rescued countless kitties and they never have whined unless they are ill- then they just mew all the time.
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How old is she? The blue eyes of kittens will change from blue as they age - part of development so don;t assume she is Siamse just yet tho she may well be part Siamese, even sans the blue eyes. Still, I concur with Hissy. Have a vet examine her. Most kittens will sleep a lot and play a lot and mew and mew but they do not whine unless they are in pain or ill or really upset and scared. Even scared kittens will have a tiny shriek that is just audible - and more audible if there are a litter of them, lol There are definite sounds cats make and gradually, we learn which ones our cats make. But the norm is not for a new and young kitten to whine. I have and have had Siamese and even they do not whine as much as chrip and mew.
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Do you have any other pets at home? Young kittens are highly social animals and really need constant companionship. If you adopted a buddy for her (perhaps even one of her siblings), her whining might stop very quickly.
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