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Today I lost my buddy

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Today my buddy Garfield passed away. I was not a big cat fan until this big fat orange tabby came into my life five years ago. At that point everything changed, he was just like the garfield in the cartoon in many ways. He was fat and sassy, his favorite pastime was playing with our Matlese Abby (should have been Oddie)or sunning himself on the roof of my truck. He died in my arms this morning, but now I know he is safe and that he will neither hurt or be sick anymore because he is in God's house now.
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It is amazing how a cat can come into your life and change it all around. My cats are my life. I'm really sorry for your loss. He is in a good place now.

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What happened? (you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.)

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Garfield had fluid build up in his chest cavity which resulted from a virus. This caused his kidneys to enlarge and his breathing to be labored, the vet was treating him with diuretics to remove the fluid.
We kept him calm and safe at the vet's recomendation but he had stopped eating and would drink very little,I must have bought every brand and type of cat food I could find to try and get him to eat. We took him back to the vet thursday and he gave him a viatamine shot and fluids, he also said that we may still loose him. This is hard to talk about since this fat cat totally re-arrange the way I feel about our Feline friends, but like I said in my first thread he died in may arms saturday morning and we brought him home and buried him in a special place reserved for the most special friends. I miss my buddy a lot. But he is in a better place over the rainbow bridge now. Thanks for the replies and thoughts.
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I am so sorry for your loss... I know this special cat will always have a special place in your heart... Just try to remember the best moments of your life with Garfield... And in time, you will feel better...

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George, I'm so sorry. Since our two cats passed on, a neighbourhood orange Tom has started dropping in on us most days - they really are a very special kind of cat aren't they?

Cherish your memories and your faith.
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