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New kitten pestering older cat- should we interfere?

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hello, we got a new male kitten 3 weeks ago - hes now 13 weeks old. We already have a 4 year old spayed female who is very nervous and shy but is playful with us.We did the gradual introduction so they are both out all day together with no major fights - but the kitten keeps getting really excited and running up and trying to play attack the cat - she hisses, growls and repeatdely swats him with her claws out. This stops him for a second but then he goes back for more. Eventually the older cat runs and hides to get away.We've tried tiring him out before he sees her but as soon as she comes out from hiding he gets excited again.
We are wondering if we should interfere and spray him with water to give her a rest or let them be?Will they sort it out or should we get involved? help?thanx
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Don't spray him with water- just let the cats handle it. She will eventually put him in his place, plus once he is neutered he will calm down. But she has momcat instincts and after she has enough, she will go after him one time, and that will be all it takes. They are finding their way with each other right now- if you interfere, they may never quite adjust. Unless she stops eating or shows other signs that are worrisome, leave them be so they can figure it out-
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I am new to this forum. I thought I would join because I am also having a problem with a new kitten and two older established cats. I have two female tabbies--one is 6 and one is 4. They have never been best friends but peacefully co-exist. I rescued a very young kitten from the shelter a month ago. He is about 8 wks old new and is very, very playful. He runs after both adult cats and swats at their tails.etc. The two adults growl, hiss and swat at him and want nothing to do with him. The 5 yr old cat's behavior has started to change. She will not stay in a room if the kitten is there. She only eats about every other day, and mostly she stays outside. I'm really concerned because it's been a month and I thought things would get better, but they are getting worse as Nelson (the kitten) gets bigger and more active. Nelson is scheduled to be neutered next month. He just never knows when to stop and the two older cats are completely stressed. Any advice? Will the two adults hurt him?
Patrice (mom to Jennyanydots, Lilly, Nelson and their two dogs--Teddy and Bear!)
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I went though this late last yr and throughout this yr with my male kitten Bakker and the 2 girls who at the time were 5 & 8. Bobs tje 5 yr old was the dominate cat and she put him in his place rather quickly!! Grizzly the older was also the mommy cat and after a while he gave up pestering her and now that he is a yr and neutered he has calmed down quite a bit. He really never bothered my senior male at all!!
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