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DT for Saturday February 9th!

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Morning all. I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I must say that I really enjoyed last night's openning ceremony of the Olympics. I liked the Canadian content with Robbie Robertson.

I am at work for 1/2 a day today so I am up earlier than I wanted to be. What is everyone else up to today?
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Good morning!!! I am going to be baking a cake today for my step-daughters 17th b-day, and also making the Amish bread that I have been squeezing for a week... :LOL:

Anyone else ever made Amish bread? Sometimes it is called friendship bread. A lady at work gave me a starter...then I took it home and for the first 5 days, I just have to sqeeze the bag twice a day (don't refridgerate) and then you open it up, add flour, sugar, and milk, then squeeze it for 5 more days, then on the 10th day...you add more milk, flour and sugar, and divide it into 5 equal bags...one for you, and four to give to friends as their starters, then to your bag, you add cinnomin, vanilla pudding, baking powder, baking soda, milk, flour, sugar, eggs, etc...and ythen bake it. It is delicious!!!!!
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That sounds amazing. I should check with my sister as she lives in Amish country near St Jacob's Ontario. Her nearest neighbour is Amish. Maybe she can get me a starter!
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it really is fun, and tastes awesome! My hubby won't eat it though because it sits out on the counter for 10 days with milk in it and ferments, but that is what it is supposed to do...geesh, he drinks beer, but he won't eat bread made with fermented milk...go figure...
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I forgot to say it also comes with the instructions of what to do each day, and so when you give away the 4 starter bags, you also send along a copy of the instruction.
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I'm going to call my sister today!
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Let me know if you make it! Too bad I can't send you a starter!
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Debby the Armish bread sounds fab. I am at home today although supposed to be in work - Im a little sick - went to the Dr this morning and told to stay in bed until tomorrow lunch time then back for some scans

I hope your step daughter has a good birthday
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It's a beautiful day here, bright and sunny. But I'm not sure what the temp as since I haven't been out yet. If it's going to be somewhat warm, I'll have the kids play outside.

I think hubby's going to take us out to lunch today. I guess it'll be my cheat day on my diet (I'm taking one day every week) so I can have both lunch and dinner. Other than that, we have no plans. I'm just enjoying my hubby being home with us rather than at work all day.

Have a great day everyone!
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I'm doing the same thing , Dawn. My husband is hardly ever off on a weekend, but this weekend we got lucky!! We are doing "house" stuff today, and then we have an appt to have our taxes done!!! Yay!! I love refund time, and when you have a mortgage its even better!!!!!!!!! Can you say, shopping???????????????????????? ( my hubby thinks we're investing....yeah right, in Speigel perhaps! ):tounge2:

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend so far.
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I've been busy in the kitchen this morning. I went to the grocery store and they had ribeye steaks $3.99 a pound instead of $7.99 a pound and since they are the SOs FAVORITE meat, and meal to have I bought a couple big packages and had to divide them up and freeze them.

Then I marinated some chicken tenders in a balsamic red wine vinegar, as well as some red and yellow peppers and portabella mushrooms.

Tonight for dinner I'm going to grill myself some chicken and mushrooms on the GFG and have it on a mixed green salad with red onion. The SO will get a ribeye, some grilled peppers and probably some macaroni and cheese. That is his absolute favorite dinner. I really love to cook.

Going to finish up the laundry today. A couple weeks ago we bought some egyptian cotten sheets that are 300 thread count, and they are unbelievable. The best sheets I've ever felt in my life. Even though I have like 4 sheet sets, I'm going to wash these today and put them back on the bed. I don't want to sleep on anything else!

I'm going to the gym shortly!! Everyone have a great day!
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Took Blackie to PetCo this a.m. for a booster rabies shot. It was only $5, can't beat that.

Then I got a call from my boss. I took alittle part time day care job, just to have some money of myown. I started then immediately got the flu so I've really only worked this week. I was just getting ready to go in when she called and said she couldn't use me any more. That's the way she put it, too. Not that I did anything wrong, just that she couldn't use me. Now I know business was slow and I know last hired first fired, but I wish she had said a little more. I have the feeling I screwed up but she's trying to be nice and not hurt my feelings. Plus, I mean it wasn't much money, but it was my own, not money from hubby.

So I'm kind of bummed right now. I feel rejected (which I guess I kind of was) but I also don't know what else I'm going to do with myself instead. I'm kind of limited by the unfinished degreee and the cost of child care. So.

Hubby and daughter are going to a daddy - daughter dance tonight at the community center. Should be fun for them.
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Hubby took the kids and me to the Texana Grill for lunch. I had a sirloin steak and baked potato. Very bad for my diet, but today is my cheat day. I didn't eat it all so that was good. I also had regular Dr Pepper, which is my all time favorite.

Then we went shopping for jeans for hubby, which was just thrilling with the kids. Thankfully he only had to go to two stores before he found some he liked.

I finally cleaned my aquarium this afternoon. It was so covered with algae that my poor fish had a hard time seeing us. You could tell it was driving them crazy. I replaced all the tubing, filters, even the air pump (it was getting soooo noisy!) and scrubbed the tank. Looks 200 percent better.

After my son wakes up from his nap, we're going to the park. Beautiful weather today!
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Dishes, Costco, and sitting around. That's all.

That Amish bread sounds yummy. How do you do it if you don't have a starter? BTW, a little odd trivia I learned this week, most guinea pigs come from the Amish. Who would've known. I used to think the Amish made Amana refridgerators when I was little. No idea where I got that idea from.
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I'm really not sure how you would do the Amish bread without a starter...I will ask around.

So sorry to hear about your job, Sunlion. Maybe there will be something better right around the corner...I hope so!

Dawn, sounds like you had a great day!

My hubby took my step-son, who is 11 to town and bought him a dirtbike. I don't know much about dirtbikes, but it is a 100 if that makes any sense. It is alot bigger than I thought it was going to be, and I'm not too thrilled with the money he spent on it..but it wasn't my decision. But anyway...I am really glad that my step-son likes it...he is a wonderful kid
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