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Weeble Gabriel Bennett "Weebie"
August 24,2005 - September 18,2005

I had this wee one for 25 days. I knew he never really had a chance at life but I couldn't just let him starve to death. I took over Mom duties feeding him and keeping him clean and warm since he was 8 days old and his mother was trying to kill him. Her behaviour broke my heart. I know it is just nature but I couldn't just sit by and watch it happen. He did well with me taking care of him until one day(Sept.18)he just quit eating and got real still. I had to attend my grandson's birthday party and when I returned home he was dead. The good Lord took him quickly and he did not have to suffer long. His little legs were severely deformed and I knew he would probably never walk. He also had a flat chest.
I still loved him very much and we had a special relationship. I miss him a lot but I know he is in a better place where he is happy and whole and healthy. He can run and play and not have to suffer with his deformaties.

To Weebie:
"I wish you all the love in the world...but most of all I wish it from myself"
Christine McVie(Fleetwood Mac)"Songbird"

MomCat Katie is scheduled for surgery(spay) on October 2. I am hoping and praying they will do her this time. She has been to be spayed twice before. I can't go thru this again. It is too heartbreaking.
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Godspeed, Weebie! Now you can go meet PaprikaChristmas, and by the way, enjoy those new, strong legs while you romp & play over RB! Condolences on your loss, Nan! you did a good thing! Hugs, Susan
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Bless his little heart, he's tiny

Poor little thing, but know that Weebie's over the bridge now with all the older kitties who will mother and fuss over him as if he was their own And there will be lots of other little ones there to jump, chase, and frolick with because he no longer has any deformaties where Weebies going

RIP Weebie Have fun over the bridge sweetie
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Condolences on the loss of Weeble Gabriel Bennett. Prayers that his Momma will be spayed! Little Weebie is whole and happy over the bridge.
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Snuggle and cuddle with my Sunni over the bridge, Weebie. Sweet angel, rest in peace.
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What a precious little boy, your Weebie. I was bawling before I finished reading your tribute to him. God bless you! I know Weebie felt your love every day of his life. I lost my Sumo in August, and I'm sure he will be a great big brother to Weebie over the bridge. What a sweetheart Weebie was - bless his little heart.
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Awww! Poor baby! At least you know that you helped him spend his short time on earth in as comfortable a way as possible and you showed him what it means to be loved and wanted!!

RIP Weebie!!!
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what a gorgeous kitten weebie is, and I love the name. I am sure right now he is on the rainbow bridge waiting for the day you two can be reunited!!
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a bit belated I know...
Originally Posted by Nan
he is happy and whole and healthy. He can run and play and not have to suffer with his deformaties.
thats exactly right...
Thankyou Nan for showing this wee little one love during his brief time here - know that he passed to the bridge knowing exactly what love was like

RIP Weebie
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Oh my goodness...what a sweetie!! Poor little darlin'!! You did a great thing for this little guy, and he was able to be loved and nurtured. Little Weebie is walking strong now.....prayers and thoughts are with you!!

Keep Smilin'
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What a precious little one. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for giving Weebie so much kindness and love during his time here. RIP sweet baby.
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I'm so sorry for your loss... Weebie really looks very sweet in that photo... Poor fella
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I'm very sorry to hear of your loss of this wee one. Bless you for caring for him when his mommy wouldn't..RIP sweet baby.
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