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Sexing Kittens

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Does anyone have any good pictures or links to good pictures so I can sex my kitten? It is only very young (about 1 week) and looks like a girl but I just wanted to look at some real photos to tell for sure. I don't want to have to take a trip to the vet simply to find out the sex!


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Here you go:

Also you can somewhat tell by color - calicos/torties are 99% female and its a higher percentage of red/orange tabbies being male. What color is the mother/father and what color are the kittens.
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Unfortunately I don't know the parents as this little one is an orphan, and the kitten is white.
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Yeah, I have visited all those sites but hand drawn pictures are all different! I was hoping someone would have a picture (breeders etc) so I could try to tell that way!

Thanks for you help though!
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I have a pic of my male kittens-hold on i'll post it
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ok in this pic the kitten with bottom facing us is a male

Let me know if you want for me to take picture of female kitten privates
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Excellent pic showing male furbaby's bits. Hope that helps Jane. I don't currrently have a female to take a pic of.
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BengalBabe - A picture of a female would be great!! Thanks very much!
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Ok, i'll need to get one taken then. Check back later today. It'll be hard to get one of them rugrats to stay still enough long enough to get pics but i'll try.
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gosh..I tried to get a pic of a female but it is A LOT harder getting pics of 4 week old kittens then it is one day old kittens! I will need to get some later when I have someone here to help me hold the kitten still.
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Excellent. Thanks very much.
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I've got a (dutch) picture I found very helpful. The distance between anus and pee opening is bigger in male kittens because you have to imagine the testicles inbetween.
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