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Sore on cat's belly...

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Hello everyone, I've been a lurker here for the past year, this is the first time I've had a pressing issue and wanted to reach out for some help. I have two cats, Abby and Ally, sisters from the same litter. They are about a year and a half old.

Today I noticed that Abby has a sore on her stomach. It's in an area where it looks like it may have been a nipple that she lost somehow??!! Is that at all normal, for cat's to lose or otherwise have problems with their nipples like that? She's fixed and has had all of her shots, the vet has always said both she and her sister are in great health.

They're also both indoor cats if that helps any. I do have a vet appointment setup for this coming Wednesday, however I wanted to do a little research first and see if there are known issues like this one.

Here's a picture of both of them. Abby is the one on top.

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Awww.. they're cuties!

Hope the nipple sore gets sorted out. I never heard of one coming off before!
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Your cats might have been roughhousing and the other cat bit the other one down there and just happened to get it in the right spots to take off the nipple, if it seems to be healing fine and not causing problems than it should be fine, but if it seems to get infected in any sort of way, off to the vet you go.
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Cats can get cuts and scrapes and bruises just like people, so it's not necessarily anything to worry about.

Just keep an eye on it and make sure it heals and doesn't get infected. You can dab some Betadine solution on it if you want, to help prevent infection.
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