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cat on your monitor?

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Does your kitty sleep on top of your computer monitor?(blocking ventilation, uncomfortable) If so I have a solution :
a Computer Monitor Cat Shelf .A faux fur covered padded shelf that attaches a top your computer monitor. It's great because your kitty stays warm and comfy while still allowing space for monitor ventilation. My cats love this shelf! They spend time sleeping and hanging out with me while I work/play on line! email me at sdold@tiac.net for pictures.Or check out
www.furballtech.com or call them at
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My cat Puffy loves to lay on the monitor, but only when I'm working on the computer. We're going to get a flat screen when we buy a new computer; I wonder what he'll think about that.

Here's a pic of Puffy on the monitor when he was just a baby. He's about 11 pounds now, and still lays like this.
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Cute!! I don't think Puffy is going to like a flatscreen!
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Hubby sent me this, seemed appropriate here . . .

Okay, why can't I add this as an attachment?
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That's a great pic Dawn! Sophie likes to lie on the monitor just like that but I take her off because I'm worried about her being exposed to radiation from it.
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My kitty likes the keyboard shelf, so I have to keep the keyboard up top. Wouldn't want Spidey to have to move, would I?
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My Archie too lays on the monitor when I am on the computer. Of course, Seminole (or whoever wins the position)lays behind me in the chair, someone lays on the back of the chair, and at least one kitty on the desk....
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Thank you, Ken!

It's hubby's daily Mac cartoon - notice the new iMac that looks like a desk lamp in the sign on the left.

'Course we have laptops so the boys have to wait until I close it to lay on it. At least half the time, if I can't find my computer, it's under Blackie!
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Great Cartoon!!!! How true!!! Those flat screens are going to put me out of business!
I should join the cat protest!
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