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Kitten scratching itself raw

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My new kitten - 3 moths old, developed a nasty flea infestation which has since been treated and is clearing up nicely.

He had scratched himself raw under his neck and has a one inch square patch where there is no fur left. Its not bleeding but is very raw and tender and he still scratches it and cries when he does so.

Just wondering if there is some sort of topical antibacterial/polysporin type treatment that will help it heal faster and prevent infection. His little cries are breaking my heart!

Thanks for your help.
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I would suggest an Ecollar to keep him from scratching til it heals up.
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i would not suggest an e-collar as the collar would rub against it. When you said the fleas were treated, what did you treat them with?

I would get Bag Balm and put that on the spot- it will soothe and protect the area while it heals, and if the cat licks it, it won't hurt her- (if she gets it on her paws or something)
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I might know what the problem is. Our cat little guy has the same problem but more along his tail/back area. Some cats are allergic to flea bites, the saliva makes them itch like crazy. For us, once the flears are undercontrol, after about a week or so, the patch of hair will come back and he will leave the area alone. we didnt have to use any ointments or anything, just had to clear up the flea problem.
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I don't know if you have an appropriate sock for this given that this is a kitten, but when I've had to protect an area on one of my past kitties necks (now over the RB), I took a crew sock, cut off the ankle portion and it slipped over his head to fit over his neck like an old fashioned dickey. It was enough protection that I could then heal up his neck using ointment (I used triple antibiotic ointment for pets, that I bought from a favorite online pet supplies store - Revival).
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Thanks for the advice. Got some ointment and will try the sock idea, I was trying to think of something similar to that but to no avail.
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hmm shoulda read neck better thought it might be chin area like with Jellie. Sorry. yes on the neck an Ecollar wouldnt be the best choice.
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What did you use for fleas? Animals with flea allergies should be treated with advantage. OTC stuff is dangerous and will not work. Advantage kills fleas before they have a chance to bite. Even one flea bit on a pet with an allergy will set off a serious case of itchy skin and hair loss. Your vet may be able to prescribe a steroid cream to help with the itching until the fleas are under control. Some animals also require a round of antibiotics if they get a secondary infection.
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I dont know if this helps....but emmet when we first got him had severe ear mites...he practically had scrated his ear off...and had done one heck of a job on his neck.......

Its prob fleas though...or someting relating to that.....but i just thought i would mention this....
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