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getting a cat to wear a collar- help

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i need to get my 8 yr old to wear a collar- she has recently shown an interest in running out the door! she never had before

she is microchipped but i have been told by the shelter and others that the best thing is to get your cat to wear a collar, and then so ppl do not think your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, instead of their name, put the words "IM LOST call my mom #" on the collar or tag.

i have tried so many different collars but she gets out of them all

any ideas?
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My guys collars have:

Aurora, OH

I did have their names on them, but they;d loose it - we'd have to rush and get one or keep multiples with each cats name.... So I dedcied last time to just get them in bulk with the generic message. I like it thes way better actually.

Make sure you get her a breakaway!
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You might want to get a harness at first since they can't get out of those, and then switch it to a collar once she's used to it? The downside of course is that a harness can't breakaway, but I think the risk of her getting lost for the rest of her life is greater than the risk of her perhaps getting a harness caught for the period while you're adjusting her to wearing it.
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I take in elderly cats, and as far as I know, none of mine had worn a collar before coming to me, yet they all took to it with no prob (ranging from 10 - 14), and all still have bells on, as well as tags (i like that they wear bells, I can hear them coming!!). I put them on fairly loose (indoors only) and over a couple of days gradually tightened them - if I take them off to put new tags etc on, they do complain having them put back on, but once they are on they are fine with it. Have to put one on the overweight foster as he was too large for a harness, and because he is so big, his has to be re-tightened once a week, so I do it while he is eating now, he is quite happy.
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I had the same problem with lily,she always managed to get her collar off and ended up playing with it,all i did was just kept trying until she got used to it.Shes not took her collar off for about a year now.
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I assume you're using a breakaway collar, which is very important for safety.

What kind of breakaway collar are you using? The kind with a breakaway clasp? Or the kind that stretches to come off?
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so you think persistence will pay off? just keep putting it back on her and she will eventually stop fighting to get it off?

she recently has shown an interest in treats, which she never had before ( i am catsitting and he gets treats so i guess she just wants what he is having) think i will put it on her and reward her with treats

if i have to put it back on her, reward her again?

or will she think its a game, if i take this off, it will be put back on, but at least i get treats,
and then just take it off again, and more treats!!

oy! sometimes they are just too clever for us, you know??
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You might try playing with her after you put the collar on. It will distract her from the new sensation. If she's really stubborn, perhaps start by putting it on for short periods, and gradually leaving it on longer.
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I didn't have any trouble getting Josie to wear a collar. Although, I started her with a collar as a kitten. I like the jingling tags, so I can hear where she's at in the house. If I take it off, I tell her to sit still when I put it back on. She'll sit and wait for me to put it on. I think she likes it.
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