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share a funny/cute/sweet kitty anecdote

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about 4 days ago I took my camera and started taking pics of 2 of my cats.
Kata started posing for the camera. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I'm sure alot of cats do it but this was the first time she ever did something like that, I couldn't stop laughing.
If I took the camera away she stopped, once the lens was on her she adopted cute sassy pose.
my camera takes a couple seconds to take the pic so they didn't turn out well, but boy did I have a great time.
Thats going to be a memory burned in my heart forever.

what anecdotes have your kitties done that you remember?
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Well, today we drove to Indiana to visit my oldest dd, who is 22 y/o. She has a kitten named Rascal, who is jet black. And she is living in a home with her boyfriend's family, a total of 9 people live there! They also have one dog inside, 20 cats inside, and 12 cats outside! Cowabunga!

My younger kids each had a cat on their lap the entire visit! Each kit is loved, and named. And several have been speutered, although others are not. Luckily, dd did have her boy neutered already. She is in general not very responsible, and struggles with holding a regular job or saving money. But once when she needed to see a doctor I had to convince her to spend the kitten's vet fund on herself, and replenish it on her next payday, rather than be sick for a few more days!

They have also given her a tiny (6-8 week old) long haired blackish kitten. I think he may be sick because she said he sleeps alot. She plans to take him to the vet next week.

It was just so nice to see her, and in the company of pet friendly people. And the cats were so beautiful and varied in colors. It was just a real pleasant visit!
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