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Kotton and she (FORMER bully) is so terrified she stays outside all day or in my small walk in closet.

I yell HEY at him when I catch him and he crumbles to the ground but all too soon he says "Oh Well" and does it again. He is like a younger brother teasing an older sister as I can see the delight in his eyes.

I tried shaking a can of gravel at him, spraying him with water, and gently picking him up and putting him in another room for a time out. NOTHING works.

Kotton is on Busbar (same as me) but just like with me it does not appear to be working.

I paid for a cat behaviorist to help but even his suggestions are not working.

I end up sitting in the garage at night and reading a book (sitting on the workbench with Kotton next to me). SHE loves it but it is uncomfortable for me, and I would so love for them all to tolorate each other.

Tiny 7 pound Missy (the boys are 13 pounds) has become boss! When Kotton runs screaming (she IS a drama Queen) Missy thinks she is hurting her (Missy's) Panther and comes runnign to help him.

When THAT happens Kotton chases her but Missy comes right back out and stands spread legged and sticks her neck and head out and glares at Kotton. Missy wops Panther if he does something she disaproves of but then goes up to him and touches noses. She does the same to Ben!

RE Homing any is out of the question - they are my LIFE!

Any expert opinions here! (hoping)