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New Kitten Came Home Today!!

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Well our new kitty came home today..... We are so in love Right now she is playing in my kids room while they are suppose to be going to sleep.lol Now Im curious as to what a kitten is like during the night?? My girlfriend whom we adopted this kitten from says they will play and sometimes cry at night, which is fine, but I wondered if this was the norm?
When we went to get her today her momma was bringing "Live" mice and a chipmunk to her to teach her how to kill. It was neat to watch but my girls still screamed if the mouse got away from the kitten or momma cat. lol She seemed to do really well with her mom and I hated to take her away but they wanted her to go so Here we are.
We gave her a bath when we got home and I helded her until she fell asleep. Then after her nap was over she went into "her" room to scout it out. Shes used the litter box already which made me proud.
How long do kittens need to adjust to a new home? Or I guess Im curious as to how long she should be in "her" room before she can roam the whole house? I was going to wait and make sure she got the litter box and then put two in our house. One in "her" room and one on the first floor for her but I dont want to have two for her forever but just until shes bigger and gets the idea.......I didnt want her running up the stairs all the time to go. Im not even sure she can do the stairs yet. Although I would think she could......hummm
Anyhow just wanted to share. Once I figure out how to do pictures (Ive read the info page) Ill put some up.
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Oh they are so much fun! You did`nt say how old she is....but even at 8 weeks she can probably "do the stairs".
A lot of people on here have 2 litter boxes for each cat....one for pee and one for poo.
I personally have only one big litter box for my 2 cats...and so far it has worked fine.
If he is using her litter box consistantly you will probably give her more and more free roam as the days go by...however, if you have 5 children, do make sure she has some space to get away on her own whever she needs to "get away from it all".
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Thanks Stampit3d..... She is actually 6 weeks old and has been using the litter box very well so far. I have one in the bathroom, where we ended up moving her last night since the girls could not sleep with her in their room. And one on the first floor. So far the one on the first floor has become her bed...lol... We are about ready to leave for church and she will be going back into the bathroom for while we are gone.
I know the kids can be overwhelming so we will use the bathroom for "breaks" for her as well.
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