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Just a little note for all you non-snowed people. We had a little snowfall tonight,big fluffy flakes drifting down. I just looked out the window and it's all aglitter in the light. Like someone spread a blanket full of diamonds.
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That sounds beautiful! We actually had snow here last week. Huge wet flakes. The kids were in heaven!
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Sweeeeeeeet! Sounds really nice. I wish we had that down here...but no, no snow down here KF! :laughing2 Just lot's of Sunshine Rollerbladed, beached for an hour and went to the gym. Florida's a great place to live and hang out!

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Time to shut up. Eat snow and pie.
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I don't know if anyone got the email that's been circulating around about the anchor person from Michigan and the weatherman from a local tv station, but it's hilarious! If you want it, I'll send it to ya.

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Cat - I loved that one! I feel for that lady, she'll never live it down!
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hahaha!! I know! Geesh...if there's anything to be remembered for....hahahaha!!!

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Oh c'mon Cat, spill! What happened?
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