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URI or more serious problem?

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I just recently adopted a kitten from the shelter nearby, when I picked him up from the vet office after his neutering they informed me that he had a small case of URI and perscribed clavamox. I am not sure if all his symptoms are part of the URI or if they are a more serious problem i should check out. Right now he will sneeze, have small coughing fit, teary eyed once in a while, wheeze when hes asleep sometimes, and breeth through his mouth like hes congested in his nose sometimes. I have researched some feline problems and i do not believe it to be herpes virus since he doesnt have any drippage from his nose and his eye tears are not yellow at all and dont make his eyes sealed shut, they are clear. and i dont believe it to be Calicivirus because he doesnt show the symptoms of that either, he has no ulcers his mouth or nostral. he eats perfectly fine, he sleeps a good ammount but once hes awake hes playful for a while with a good ammount of energy then goes back to sleep, so im jsut wondering if this is more towards bordetella which seems to me more what i think is it is. or is it more of a common cat cold which i havent heard of cats getting. can anyone please help me.

thanks for all ur comments.
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URIs don't always present the same set of symptoms as described in reference sources. A common cat cold IS a URI. It's pretty common for a cat to get one after being in a shelter. For now, I'd suggest just following the vet's prescription. You can help relieve his congestion by giving him twice-daily humidity therapy: 15 minutes in a closed bathroom with the hot shower running. And maybe he'd appreciate your company in there with him.
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Thank you for your response, i was unsure if cats did get a common cold, kinda hard to know what cats get when your other cats have been perfectly healthy and never needed any vet treatment, can get kinda scary when u see ur new pet with something you have never seen before.
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I'm in the same boat with you. I recently adopted a kitten from the shelter and a few days after I brought him home, he started sneezing, nose discharge, congestion, eye discharge. When he first started exhibiting these symptoms, he was eating fine, but constantly sleeping. My vet diagnosed a URI and prescribed antibiotics, antihistamines, and I've also started giving him lysine. Unfortunately, it has spread to my other cat so now the kitten has gotten a lot better, but I'm having to repeat the medication process with my other cat.
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