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Oh geez... you guys are cracking me up!!

It is sooo nice not to have a SO to clean up after anymore.
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Just thought of another...
He cant remember important dates, what he ate for lunch etc. but by golly when it comes to his "interest" he remembers every date and detail..i just dont get it...he definatly has selective memory!
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He never pulls the trash bag out of the trash can. Ever.

He "can't make tea and would I make it for him I make it so much better," this despite the fact that a) he drinks the vast majority of the tea, b) it's a very simple process, c) I've explained it to him, and d) he is generally much better in the kitchen than I am.

He has inherited his father's packrat tendencies. I can't even count the number of "useful containers" I've thrown away behind his back. Boxes, jars, plastic containers with lids ...

But, as someone else said, he puts up with me, and I KNOW I have annoying habits.
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Ewwww.....he brushes his teeth and then does not wash with toothpaste out of the bathroom sink. I go up there and see globs of toothpaste laying in the sink Also, he will lift the lid to put something in the garbage can or fill the birdfeeder outside and not wash his hands right away. I feel like I have a five yr old in the house. "HANDS!" I yell , and then he trots off to the sink. Maybe I should smell his hands after he is done to make sure he used soap
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Wow, I am very lucky to have Jake! He cooks, cleans, puts his laundry in all the right places, he is tidy, he is well groomed. He puts the shower curtain back - something I dont do You would hate me Heidi!

The only thing he does is when he wants something, thats all he talks about. On and on. But to me, hes perfect and I love him to death. I miss him soooo much with me on the other side of the world.
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This is a pretty funny thread! It's also a great "don't" list. It seriously makes me wonder what women would find annoying about living with me. I've never lived with any of my past girlfriends.
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I think everyone has missed the most important of all...NOT PUTTING THE TOILET SEAT DOWN!!!

I mean, come on - The toilet came with a seat, so use it!!! Its not our problem, that even though you have something to aim with, you still can't use it!!

End of Rant
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Not putting stuff back where it belongs, always leaving the lights on, shavings in the sink, bread crumbs on the floor... Are they the same everywhere?

My husband has this really annoying habit of pretending he can't do something when he just doesn't want to. Like, when it's he's turn to vacuum, he uses the age old "leave all the corners and other difficult places alone, so your wife will get frustrated and never make you do it again, because she thinks you're blind or stupid" -technique.

He's a great cook, better than me (I'm better at anything involving baking though), but somehow incapable of cleanig after him in the kitchen.
Still, can't do anything but love him.
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I love my hubby very much but now that I am pregnant things that used to just annoy make me contemplate screaming

He is with all the other guys on laundry, shavings, crumbs, loo paper and such. He also is a good cook but uses every pot in the house for some reason and the spice jars end up in the weirdest places. Luckily he does put the seat down but he grew up with a sister and a mom that wouldn't let him get away with that lol But my all time pet peeve is when I do the few dishes that can't go into the dishwasher and he is busy cooking he will stick whatever he has just used into the water even if there is a "system" to it.

But oh well lol
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Hmm... I've lived with my guy for just a couple of weeks, here and there.

At the hotel in San Diego, he left his clothes everywhere! I felt so bad for the maids, but I did try to confine the clothing pile to just a chair when we were out.

And at the first apartment I had with a bathroom of my own, he wouldn't put the toilet seat down. Even after I asked him. He's been rooming with male roommates way too long. Occupational hazard.

Edit: And snoring. He only snores when he's lying on his back, but when I wake him up to tell him to roll over, he gets all huffy. I mean, it's only fair that if he wakes me, I get to wake him, but whatever. He says that he's comfortable sleeping in any position (and I've seen him sleeping in some pretty weird positions, so I know it's true), but if we're lying in bed, going to sleep, and I suggest that he start out in any position but on his back, he gets all bent out of shape. I'm just attempting to get both of us a good night's sleep, so I don't see what the deal is.

And I'm sure that several things I do annoy him. Like how I leave books lying around, and insist that I'm reading them all (which I am), so they can't go on the bookshelf, because I'll forget I was reading them. And how I'm always 'in the middle' of a sewing project, so my sewing machine needs to be sitting out. And how I'm all sappy and romantic.
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This has really been a pretty cool thread! Just seeing the range of "life's little annoyances" that our SO's are able to come up with !

For the record I don't have to deal with the toilet seat thing, we keep BOTH lids down. Melichus (RB) trained us well in that respect after the first time he fell in the toilet as a kitten (right after I had warned Sunny to keep the lid down!) I had seen Mel nosing around the bathroom, saw that somebody had forgotten to put the lid down (again!) and just let nature take its course. After the splash I fished a very irritated and wet kitten out and plopped him into Sunny's lap. He never forgot again .
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I have a tip for putting up and stopping the "snoring" . I read this somewhere and it works but annoying to them!!! Just lightly touch their nose or cheek when they are snoring. This should make them either roll over and it stops or wakes them up to ask what you are doing. Or move to another bedroom with a pillow over your head in case it doesn't work!!
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JakkieS, I am right there with you!

Ever since I got pregnant...I have NO patience. And nine times out of ten, I find myself counting backwards from 20 at least 3 times a day to keep from murdering him!!
The worse thing he does, is he will come home from work, and start his "post work strip tease" which invloves walking through the house and undressing. I come in and his greasy jeans (hes a mechanic) are in the living room. I kick those all the way down the hall where I encounter a nasty shirt, and one sock...wait a minute...two socks...and his boxers! Lo and behold, there he is in the, I inform him that our house is not one giant hamper for him to dispose his greasy duds throughout.

I will give him a job to now he has to scoop the litterboxes, and my requirement is that each litterbox is to have a little sprinkle of fresh litter after each scoop..that way, my older finicky cat doesnt realize shes sharing a litterbox, and that avoids a mishap in the floor and a bitter husband. Does he do this??? Nope. Does he mop that bathroom floor every day? You betcha.

The other day, he was supposed to be vaccuuming the bedrooms...I walk down the hall, and the tv is on and hes dancing to that commercial about the jeans with the song "The Boys Are Back In Town." He almost had that vaccuum cleaner as an extension of his anatomy.

He screams at the television while watching football. Examples: "What the H*!! is that??" and "Are you kidding me??? Stop him, Stop Him!" and "Come on Ref! Throw a Flag!" and then he punches the floor.

But he has a lot of good points too. But they arent as fun to list as the annoying ones
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Originally Posted by diane8704
]The other day, he was supposed to be vaccuuming the bedrooms...I walk down the hall, and the tv is on and hes dancing to that commercial about the jeans with the song "The Boys Are Back In Town." He almost had that vaccuum cleaner as an extension of his anatomy.
Awww. Diane! He seems fun!!

Mine is fairly good about alot of things..He cooks eggs perfectly and makes a mean steak..We share domestic chores, which is nice because he can be a man's man (or a boy's boy) at times so you wouldn't expect it..But I credit his domestic ability to losing his mum at a very young age...He HAD to learn laundry, cooking, etc.. He doesn't leave the toilet seat up but he does make a mess when he cooks..There are splatters and crumbs everywhere! He also pretends he hates the cats but then you should see him cuddling with them at night..
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